Lost in the Fog- Calipari to coach U-19 team

  • Another win for Nike/ESPN Calimari. Just further enforcing his will on the top high school kids going forward

  • He can only get 3-5 of the top 20 every season, AND his system must get such amt & level of talent every single season, or else he’s sunk for that season.

    Different system than Self’s. Another phrase for Calipari’s sytem could be: "Living on the Knife Edge:

  • It was only a matter of time before Calipari moved into the USA Basketball pipeline. He has a system that maximizes the natural skill and talent of his players.

    For the U19 team, USA always has lots of physical talent. Calipari is honestly the best coach to maximize that talent. If he is guard heavy, he can go DDM. If he’s post heavy, he can do what he’s done at UK the last few years. If he’s more balanced, he can hearken back to his pre-Derrick Rose days at Memphis (secretly some really good teams in that stretch).

    USAB is a machine. It was only a matter of time before they added Calipari to that.

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