• Seems as there is growing resentment for Dan Dakich by one Tom Izzo. DD tweeting 🎩 hate for MSU

  • Their roster of horse :shit: commentators keeps growing… Cuttin the budget will just make them worse. Move over Frannie… This is eerily similar to you/your son/ OU & KU… & your unhidden disdain for HCBS & our program… Look out & careful what slips from da lip …And FYI, it’s ALLEN FIELD HOUSE, not Phog Allen Fieldhouse damnit

  • @globaljaybird said:

    And FYI, it’s ALLEN FIELD HOUSE, not Phog Allen Fieldhouse damnit

    Well, remember that everyone sees all the Phog-related signs on TV, certainly more than the cornersone plaque or the entrance, so they can be forgiven if they use what they could assume is the full name. Using both Phog and Allen does help keep the meaning of “Phog” out there for people who aren’t as immersed in KU BB history as we are!

  • @mayjay should we call you Pollyanna?

  • @mayjay Yeah, but Frans the self proclaimed, everything KU, pseudo BIG 12, all knowing expert … just sayin. He damn sure ain’t coaching anymore.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Good one Crims-ouch !

  • @globaljaybird You can’t talk about disdain without mentioning Doogie Snotlieb. Bitter jealousy, envy, and resentment are his calling card. Aunt Franny has nothing on snotty little Doogie.

  • @KUSTEVE Yep Doogie’s a rare breed (half?)

  • @Crimsonorblue22 ??? Just explaining why both fans and nonfans use that name. I was more responding to that complaint about the name, not Fran.

  • @mayjay I actually prefer Allen Field House, but I’m old school.

  • @KUSTEVE Me, too, but if you were someone watching your first TV game wouldn’t you wonder what all those Phog references were about? Years ago, as a freshman, I was expecting some fog because I heard the word before ever seeing it and I thought his name was Fog Allen! Long before Internet immersion in all things KU.

  • I’d love to ask Fraschilla and Gottlieb their impressions and feelings on Duke/CoachK, Kentucky/Calipari, UNC/Roy, and UCLA/Alford…just to decipher if it’s KU they bring wood for, or all royalty programs, as a class?

    Then tell Gottlieb his “legacy” as an OkState alum is “pants on backwards”, and tell him to compare his legacy with another OSU alum named “Self”.

    Tell Fraschilla NO amt of his deep throated “servicing” of Iowa-freakin-State will change the fact that his son wasnt good enough for Bill Self’s bench. I’m sorry that 6’5 225# Jordan Juenemann (from Hays, KS) broke young Fraschilla’s nose on a meaningless play in mopup minutes in yet another KU blowout win. But hey, at least his son got a taste of KU’s big-boy ball that way…

  • @ralster

    Don’t forget that Gotlieb’s legacy includes getting expelled from Notre Dame for stealing credit cards.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Forgot about that. Remind me why his opinion, as some discredited talking head even matters?

  • I once heard Gottlieb on radio (probably 7-10 years ago) say that when he finished playing professionally, he could not go back to France , where his last team was located, b/c he was wanted there. I did not know about the stealing credit cards at Notre Dame. Was that a real charge, or is that like the KK transgender prostitute thing?

  • @EdwordL

    It is very much real, this is why he was expelled from Norte Dame.

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