January 26: News Headlines Digest

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    ##Bedore: Not This Time - Kansas Dominates TCU##

    Fort Worth, Texas — Fans in TCU’s student section brought signs reminding Kansas University’s basketball players of last year’s famous flop in Fort Worth.

    “Welcome back,” was Saturday’s greeting from one purple-clad spectator seated a stone’s throw from the KU bench.

    ###Newell: Andrew Wiggins scores career-high 27 as KU routs TCU, 91-69###

    FORT WORTH, Texas — The timing couldn’t have been worse.

    No, this wasn’t the right night for TCU students to hold up a sign that said, “You’re not even the best Wiggins in Kansas.” Or the correct time to chant, “O-ver-ra-ted” during a first-half Andrew Wiggins free throw.

    ###Dodd: No doubt this time: No. 8 Kansas routs TCU###

    FORT WORTH — It may be oversimplified to say that the roots of Kansas’ 91-69 victory over TCU on Saturday night began in a small, non-descript room that sits just off the main concourse at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

    But inside this little room, adorned with plain walls and a Coke machine, is where Kansas coach Bill Self once went off. On a late February night last year, Self watched his team play worse than any team he’d ever coached. So in the moments after a stunning loss at TCU, Self offered up some biting, sarcastic humor.

    ####Newell: KU basketball displays rim dominance in win over TCU####

    Here’s what KU’s offense can look like when it’s not crippled by turnovers.

    The Jayhawks’ 1.359 points per possession was their best offensive mark of the year, and not surprisingly, it came on a day when KU had its fifth-best performance as far as turnovers go (14.9 percent).

    ####Keegan: Andrew Wiggins satisfies expectations at TCU####

    Wiggins didn’t leave anybody in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum on the TCU campus Saturday night wanting more from his ever-so-smooth first half, especially the purple-clad ones hoping to experience a titanic upset for the second year in a row.

    ####TCU coach lauds Kansas and its ‘six pros’####

    CU coach Trent Johnson was impressed with Kansas University’s basketball team long before Saturday night’s center jump took place at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

    ####Dixon: TCUs upset hopes dashed Early

    FORT WORTH, Texas — TCU coach Trent Johnson didn’t see a Kansas team fired up about making amends for a miserable night in Fort Worth a year ago.

    He just saw a “really good” bunch of Jayhawks coming off wins in four straight games against ranked opponents, the first team to do that since North Carolina in 1996-97.

    ####CJOnline LiveBlog####


    **Also see today’s Daily Threads (January 26) and the News Digest for yesterday (January 25) as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday (January 25) **

  • The bench is capable. I will continue to talk up Lucas. The 2nd Five could be a top 25 team. We are in great shape for years to come.

  • Random thoughts. Wiggins makes everything look so easy. I love his infectious smile that comes out every once in a while on the court and more often on the bench. Our depth really is incredible. You can tell that Greene, if playing major minutes, could be really productive. Lucas, again, looked good. He needs free throw improvement lessons from Traylor, though. Man, Perry missed some layups again. We’ll need him to make those in some of the upcoming games. Great balance on his team. Some games, Tharpe has carried us. Didn’t seem like he did much this game but it didn’t matter.

  • @Hawk8086 gotta give Perry credit for going after the boards though the last two games.

  • @approxinfinity Very true.

  • I have to give the TCU fans credit for the signs. The YMCA sign was funny. Do you think they’ll have the 9169 score at next year’s game? Probably not.

  • @approxinfinity Technical questions.

    On occasion, I’d say, one of every ten times, I will click reply and the reply box doesn’t come up. Then sometimes, it will come up and after typing I hit submit and the box disappears with nothing submitted. This happens frequently enough that I copy my longer posts, like this one, so I can just paste it into a new reply box.

    And more often, maybe half the time, no more than 10 messages will appear on a thread. I have to leave KUBuckets and try it again, then it may show up.

    I’m no Bill Gates, so if you have any tips for me, I’d appreciate it, because I really enjoy this thing you put together.

  • @Hawk8086 I agree. You have to give them SOME credit. But what’s funny to me is that it was like, ‘Hey. TCU. The Topeka YMCA thing wasn’t a compliment.’ But whatever.

    That was a frustrating blowout (I thought). I was tired of seeing a defensive possession constantly resulting in a trip to the line for TCU. Perry is killing us with the missed layups, which he has turned into a habit recently. Don’t get me wrong, I love Perry Ellis, but I’d almost rather see him shoot it.

    I enjoyed watching our bench play more than anything. Was nice to see Greene and Lucas get serious minutes. Greene has now made a three in the last four or five games (I think), and that’s off of 1 or 2 shots. Imagine what he could do if he was taking 5 or 6. I was really impressed with Lucas though. And there was even an Andrew White sighting at the end.

  • @wissoxfan83

    What browser are you using? I have had lots of issues with the latestt MS IE, not the kind you are having but mostly refreshing the lists. I now keep a version of Firefox open just for this site and I don’t seem to have problems.

  • That was a fun game to watch for us fans. Good to see so many players get good minutes. So many good players on this team. Happy for Landon. The kid is a stud. Nice to see Conner in there without Tharpe or Mason. Greene is a lift off the bench. And all are learning. However, now we have to go back to tough competition. ISU coming to town with an extra player that was ineligible last game all with a chip on their shoulder and then down to Austin to meet the surging Longhorns. Enjoy the rest of the season! Rock Chalk!

  • @wissoxfan83 i’m not sure, but that’s troublesome. @jayhawkfantoo’s response asking what browser is the right question - I’m not having the same problem with my android phone on wifi using chrome, or at home with chrome on windows.

  • @JayHawkFanToo @Approxinfinity I use Googlechrome, maybe I’ll try a different one.

  • @wissoxfan83 I use Yahoo via FireFox. No problem. My previous computer was set up with Googlechrome, and I became very frustrated with constant array of unwanted popups.

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