Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? You Decide...

  • Which Kansas team is going to show up in Waco on Saturday?

    Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?


    Do we bring our better qualities with us and put an exclamation mark on #13? Or do we bring our bad habits and lose to a team clearly inferior to us?

    We have an identifiable trend in our play this year. We don’t blow out teams, we keep it close until the end and we win most of those close games. It doesn’t show we have killer instinct UNTIL the closing minutes of the game.

    It seems like this team needs to be smacked on side the head before responding. And now that Kansas has a 2-game lead in the Big 12 conference race, maybe we take this game off?

    Or maybe we still have something to prove? Many outside of Kansas (and inside) have been very critical towards our guys not being able to close out games early.

    Or… something new. With a 2-game lead and only a few games left, maybe our guys will feel like the PRESSURE IS OFF and they play loose and stroll out of Waco with an easy win?

    What are your predictions of our upcoming game with the Bears?

  • I think it will be difficult to leave Waco with a victory. The first game was such a close game and they really came to Allen and had us beat for a while. I can see Motley and Lecomte going off in this one.

    I’m not saying we will lose but with Baylor wanting to keep itself with a chance at the conference title it has to beat KU this weekend. They will give us all we can handle.

    I just hope we come to play our game. Monday we played so poorly, mainly missing shots and still found a way to win. Right now I feel like KU can win Saturday because the stakes are high for them as well, a win pretty much means #13 will be hanging in Allen Fieldhouse next year.

  • @drgnslayr Well, there are those little facts how WVU beat the sch!tt out of Baylor, and the Big12’s InferiorPurple (ksu) actually beat Baylor IN Waco.

    I’d like to think that puts some pressure on us. I’d also like to think KU found some toughness against WVU in AFH. After getting embarrassed by IowaSt in AFH. I’d say they have their wakeup calls?

    I also think Frank will be over the influenza by Sat…may the gods help poor Baylor and ScotDrewShortStraw…

    And, I’ll never forget Josh’s quiet, confident hands-on-waist stance in center court of Rupp Arena, pregame, taking in their whole schtick + banners, fans, etc…and then proceeded to be the best player in Rupp that day, in addition to BIFM…Chills! thinking about Josh’s pose, as obviously his mindset was of steel determination…

  • 5 things Baylor does NOT possess:

    1. Frank Mason III
    2. Josh Jackson
    3. Devonte Graham
    4. AFH factor
    5. Bill Self

  • @ralster

    Yep. Baylor has really good players but they also have Scott Drew, so advantage KU. 😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo


  • @ralster

    I actually think we have a better venue advantage playing in Waco then in AFH. No home court pressure and the Baylor crowd is pretty relaxed.

  • This is a tough one to accurately predict. Many times we have seen teams play a brilliant game in AFH and we wonder “how are we going to win at their place?”. Well, Baylor this year did what OU did last year. There was a lot of talk about Buddy wanting to win at AFH, similar thing with Baylor this year.

    IMO, the degree of tightness that our guys play with is not discussed enough. Remember last years game at Texas right after they locked up #12? They beat our friend Shaka by 30. One of these games, we are going to see them play to their potential. Most teams have a couple games a season like that and we havent even had one yet. Not saying its on Saturday, but I think we will see it soon.

  • At this moment I feel a bit more positive about the game at Baylor than I do about our end of season contest at OSU. If we hope to lock up this 13th consecutive league title a win at Waco should make a reassuring difference.

  • @REHawk

    I’m with you on that. Right now I don’t see how we win at Stillwater, regardless of the conference race situation. We tend to look like poop every year down there. I think those trends stick with players and they often fall into the same story every time, partially because they believe it is their destiny.

  • @drgnslayr TRUE, about the home court, although chances are just like at Texas Tech in their blackout game against us, of course it was sold out - -which always never ceases to amaze me, cause their very next game I watched ONCE again half full and like a morque, But that’s the way it is where ever we go, chances are it’s sold out cause most of the time w are their NCAA championship game. - -I mean we have coaches getting 25,00 dollar bonus for beating us, you don’t see that I know of for any other teams.

    So I fully expect the arena to be full and I’m sure they will try some sort of cute gimmick to get their crowd fired up IF that’s at all possible. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I feel like we win at Baylor Saturday , however like you said we haven’t put away teams this year, like we have in the past. - -I think in all brutal reality this team just isn’t quite as strong as in past years - good & at times can be really good like as such during out comeback against WV - -bottom line is we have had TWELVE single digit games this year that’s right at half or real close winning 10 and losing 2- - -but this is kind of a double edged sword , it makes you nervous but then again on the other hand you can see this team never quits - which may be very helpful come tourney time.

    My prediction Saturday KU 79- - Baylor 73 - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Yeah… they love their gimmicks down in Stillwater…

    I tried to find the video where Travis visited the school cafeteria at OSU and begged students to support their basketball program…

  • @drgnslayr One of the docs I work with up here in VT is from Baylor and Id love to be able to give him some ribbing about a win there at their place, basically sealing #13. I don’t expect that will happen. Although after the WVU game, I shouldn’t be surprise if we do win.

    We may not put teams away early, but down the stretch our boys are tough as nails.

    I’ll say this. If our guards, all five of them, have good games, Landen stays out of foul trouble and we get some good minutes from the bench bigs, I would say KU should win that game.

  • @Lulufulu

    We have a good record down there in Waco. I don’t want to jinx this game… so my lip is buttoned.

  • @Lulufulu Shucks, if we play with those ingredients which you just listed then we should win any game any where. National Champs in 50 days!

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