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  • KU is third in the AP and Coaches polls and 5 in the NCAA RPI. Gonzaga and Villanova are 1 and 2 and that is not likely to change. KU is still the #1 seed in the Mid West according to Bracketology…

    I have listed several links to the various rankings. As I have stated before, I like Massey the best as I believe it is closer to the way I see it as a human and not a computer. :smile:

    Link to AP Poll

    Link to USA Today Coaches Poll

    Link to NCAA RPI Ranking

    Link to Jeff Sagarin

    Link to Ken Pomeroy

    Link to Kenneth Massey

  • This is the remaining schedule for Gonzaga and the result of the previous game

    • At Loyola Marymount - 93-55

    • At # 20 Saint Mary’s - 79-56

    • San Francisco- 95-80

    • Pacific - 81-61

    • At San Diego - 70-43

    • BYU - 85-75

    The closest win was by 10 points on the road at BYU. I would be shocked if Gonzaga loses another game before the Tournament…the benefits of a weak conference, much like Wichita State a couple of years ago, Barring a monumental upset, no question Gonzaga will finish the Season unbeaten and ranked #1. Villanova has a tougher schedule but should be favorite on all games it plays and will probably finish #2.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’ve watched a couple of Zaga games this year. I thought they look like a Top 10 team, but not quite a Top 5 team. They are respectable.

    Our defense doesn’t rank well… and it shouldn’t. Right now, I don’t see us being competitive in March playing this level of defense. But there is time to get it together and this team should be very good on D!

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