If you could chose one of our OAD's to the Tourney, who would it be?

  • So, while we have some time to day dream, or whatever…

    If you could choose one of our OAD’s to take to the tourney, who would it be?

    The balance of the team playing around him is not important…simply which of our one and done players would you trust to help carry a team through the tourney?

    A Healthy Embiid would be my top choice.

    Josh Jackson is a close second. He’s unlike some of the OAD’s we’ve seen. Maybe not the most elite/talented, but has there been a more ALPHA?

    We’ve had Chieck, Cliff, Selby, Oubre, BMac (technically not OAD, Wiggins, Embiid, who else?

  • @Blown since it’s a dream, I’m taking Wiggs, Embiid and jj.

  • Selby, BMac, and Embiid

  • @Blown BMac was projected until the little qualifier issue with Traylor. So, technically, he is/was OAD. Traylor is my fav all time util man. He had heart and gave his all.

  • But you can only pick 1! Picking 3 isn’t part of this dream @Crimsonorblue22 !!!

  • @truehawk93 Rivals had him at 34 overall and 9 position coming in and a 4*. I didn’t recall we recruited him as one and done, but maybe we did.

  • With this team, an Embiid would probably be the biggest impact. A Big who can rebound, rim protect and score would elevate us even more than JJ…

    But JJ would easily be second. Clearly.

    I’d love to see what Wigs would have done in the same situation as JJ. Where he had veteran guys that could score and he didn’t have to do it all. I’m guessing we would have had a very different view of Wiggs. I think we would look at him a lot like JJ. Where he has 20 point games and makes key plays but he doesn’t have to be the leader. Unfortunately for him and us that wasn’t the case.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I don’t know about Wigs over JJ. Yes, Wigs has the athletic goods, and yes he was not surrounded by what JJ is surrounded by now on the court, so its hard to compare.

    But I always got the feeling Wigs was sort of aware of his end goal and was careful to protect the NBA merchandise in his short time here. I never really saw him being that scrappy junkyard dog like JJ is night in and night out.

    So even if surrounded by better players, (and Embiid wasn’t exactly chopped liver out there btw) yes he’d post a lot better numbers than he did, but I still wager wouldn’t see that same intensity Josh brings. Liking this kid more every game.

    And a healthy Embiid would be my pick. His injury is the main reason we didn’t cut the nets down that year.

  • @StLJhawk and a pt guard

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Excellent point. Yet I still have visions of freshman Frank getting it to click and Wigs and Embiid posting silly big numbers against all comers.

  • @StLJhawk at first I thought u meant cf!😳

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Lol,… heck, any Frank in a storm at that point…

  • If Embiid had stayed, you know, valued education over dollars, then got hurt like he did, he’d be a junior right now. Imagine that!

    I like the question though @Blown. I’m taking JJ I think. He’s got that look/feel to be able to hoist the team on his back, albeit as a major cog with our other studs, and lead us to a championship.

    We tried it with the other ones. Wigs, been there, done that, Oubre, same thing. The others aren’t even qualified to be OAD’s. BMac was cool of course, but he just didn’t have that take over the game vibe.

    Of course Xavier should be on your list of our OAD’s and he was a nice piece of his team, but no one that I felt would lead us to win the thing.

    I actually really wish there was no such thing as OAD’s. But that’s another issue.

  • @StLJhawk Oh absolutely. I am just saying that I think Wiggs was painted in a worse light than he should have been.

    I do keep waiting for JJ to go off for a big 30+ point game. But we have so many weapons that it is almost impossible to do that…

  • @Kcmatt7 Wiggs our best defender

  • @Crimsonorblue22 And imagine him as a mismatch against a 4. He could D up any 4 and be impossible to guard. He makes free throws at 70% too…

    I want Bill to land two of these stud SF at the same time. We could be such a mismatch… We almost have it if Svi could put the whole package together.

  • If Josh were to stay in college 4 years, we would be talking about him on the same level with Danny Manning, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, etc. Except he would be better as a collegiate than any of them. He hates to lose. Period. My favorite quality in a college athlete. If Josh stayed, his numbers would improve every year (GASP!), he would learn to shoot free throws and probably lead us to the championship game for 2 of the next 3 years.

    As a pro - he probably won’t be a household name. Why? He will learn NOT to hate to lose. He’ll do his job, collect his paycheck and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Winning every game in the NBA is not a dream of any NBA player. Show me the money.

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