• KU found basketball player Lagerald Vick likely hit female student, recommended probation

  • Not good. What’s going on with this program?

  • Allegedly happened in 2015? Someone needs to have the “you just don’t hit girls” talk with every freshman player when they get to KU…

  • What is this TMZ

    Good lord

  • Getting flat out embarrassing to be KU basketball fan. WTF is going on, these guys have to start acting like men and champions off the court tired of this bullSh**t, time to start dismissing players.

  • Time to take a no nonsense policy. Next guy to mess up is gone. Done. Get the ship righted and set precedence. Being good people is more important than basketball. You aren’t above the law because you play basketball at Kansas. How can we even defend our program right now? We ARE an embarrassment. Something I never thought I’d see under Self.

  • Recruiting may or may not take a hit from all this artillery bombardment, but all this pub may get HCBS & SZ both a double up on metoprol. BS is getting to the age now that usually restricts limits of patience & this is exactly the sort of garbage that gets some coaches looking for greener pastures. At least in the L coaches aren’t responsible for wiping a kids ass if he’s not smart enough to do it himself. They surely are capable of scooting like a dog 🐶 aren’t they? Damn, forgive me for insulting all of our buddies… WTH was I thinking?!

  • Why is it that an incident that happened in 2015, is coming out now?

  • Also Bragg had 2 incidents where he was accused of hitting a woman?

  • This just burst the damn bubble right on top of HCBS 20 K toupee. So who do we have waiting in the wings? Tyler is ready to say sayonara so maybe time to get dust off the Rolodex… I don’ have a very good gut feeling about the path these events are unfolding. For some inexplicable reason I am beginning to think this snowball is not done ✅ growing. Sure would like to be wrong as Hell. One day at a time I guess.

  • @Eric-san Sept he was accused of repeatedly slamming a door 🚪 on a young woman’s arm. Same idiot style social pattern - not his fault ??

  • @globaljaybird repeatedly?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Can’t believe everything printed but I read it somewhere. Is why I used question marks for punctuation. Who the hell knows? Why should of we even have this conversation? If he’s gonna act like a loser again & again then yada yada shoulda already been gone. I’m just waitin for the next tutoring scandal to break …

  • @globaljaybird even being a girl, hate to judge to quickly! Last time it was all on the girl. I read where he was trying to get away from a girl when he shut the door, there were witnesses, no charges. Don’t know yet on Vick. He was really really young.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah & I know many before, Sherron, Morris, Brady, TT, etc have had their issues too. I can judge quickly also & was even contemplating admitting just that when you said it. But This is schizz awful timing for more extremely bad pub & even makes HCBS & SZ both 👀 like it’s been a hush, hush deal for some time now. Domestic violence is not a bullshit misdemeanor bong. People can easily die when the wrong decisions are assessed involving the wrong people. Just my nickels worth. Will get down off da 📦 now- 😐 sorry.

  • stymied as to what even to say. - - Like another said right now we ARE an embarrassment to college basketball, exactly how can you even begin to defend these actions? - Yes we could take a very big hit in the recruiting, it could get really ugly. SMH - -you got to just start to question the character of these guys. - - Sounds like the Vick situation might be behind him - - he could be on school probation who the hell knows. Man these other schools are just licking there chops at this mess. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Eric-san said:

    Why is it that an incident that happened in 2015, is coming out now?

    Ikr? Bizarre…

  • I mean Vick allegedly kicking a woman in the face and hitting her arm, is pretty serious stuff. I imagine Vick would’ve been charged already and probably kicked off the team. Vick hasn’t been charged, hasn’t been publicly suspended or put on “school probation”. It’s almost like this was swept under the rug by KU’s coaching staff, and somehow was dug up by someone. Taking off my tinfoil hat now.

  • @Eric-san On the up & up ? IDK ???

  • Something is fishy about this. So she was assaulted and it is just now coming out? No charges filed?

  • @Eric-san from what I read, if it happened it would be a KU thing, suppose to be private too. Athletics would not have anything to do w/it.

  • So the university investigated it and not the police? Never heard of that before. My dad and I are talking about it and this story sounds like %1000 bull crap.

  • I think the coaching staff needs to assign chaperones or something for our guys so that it will end these allegations. For petes sake this is like a freakin soap opera. That might sound drastic but this is getting quite old.

  • @HawkChamp if it happened

  • @HawkChamp tmz.

  • Has anyone heard of the group that allegedly investigated this report?

  • @autohawk never have. If something actually happened, the police would have been involved, not some division at the university that I bet most people have never heard of.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 had no idea you were a girl, haha sorry if I’ve insinuated your were a guy lol. My point is basketball is my favorite sport, KU my favorite team but we have to do things the right way even if it means having to kick guys out and risk a bad season. I don’t wanna be in the conversation with PSU and Baylor.

  • @kjayhawks Self has never done anything to indicate that he lets stuff slide. He didnt with Brady, Tyshawn and Carlton.

  • @kjayhawks But yet Snacks, an assistant coach, was busted for weed and didn’t get booted. To me far bigger than CB busted with paraphernalia.

  • @HawkChamp obviously the penalty ain’t stiff enough or these guys would have their heads in the right place.

  • @brooksmd I thought he should’ve been dismissed. I’m sorry I don’t think it’s okay to use drugs.

  • @brooksmd Maybe Self is learning his own lesson by keeping Snacks on staff (who got busted for pot)–>now its come full circle, as players cant take it as seriously, since…well…Snacks is still here.

    JeezLouise, Bill Self, there isnt ANY other capable Asst.Coach-with-Chicago-connections in these United States that YOU could hire to be a proper example for impressionable young men? Snacks *played for Self", so the reverse spin could be propagated by 3rd parties that Self has been “soft” on this sort of stuff even prior to 2004? I dont think Bill Self wants this sort of taint on him, or on KU. Maybe Jamari Traylor (from Chicago), who played for Bill Self, could step in and do whatever it is that Snacks officially does as an Asst.Coach?

    This whole thing is disgusting–aint “royalty” of nuthin!. Im having a hard time reconciling Snack’s “example”, with what Carlton did. You cannot tell me Bragg may have had a fleeting thought about “what if Self found out”–and then rationalized it away by seeing nothing happened to Snacks. Never mind that Snacks reportedly had to beg and plead to Bill Self to save his job. Snacks, tacitly, shares blame for this.

  • I believe in second chances.

  • @kjayhawks I’m with you. I was just pointing out the difference. Some on here say, prior to the Vick revelation, that all the goings on with CB would affect recruiting, that mom’s wouldn’t want their sons playing in such a den of depravity. But yet they overlook Snacks. As a parent I could overlook a single player problem, but an assistant coach who is supposed to be a guiding light would make me question.

  • @brooksmd not like he was getting hookers for the team or hooking them up w/weed. I’m a forgiving kind of person.

  • @ralster good take. @Crimsonorblue22 I agree but how many chances would this count for Carlton? Deal in September, December (not his fault completely but didn’t put himself in a good situation) now the drug charges. If I’m self I tell him this is his last chance and he’s damn lucky to have it. The Vick deal is his first issue tho a bad one, hitting, then kicking a girl. Hopefully no one has a video, for some reason if it isn’t taped it isn’t as bad.

  • @brooksmd Coaching is the issue with the Vick sit also. How could HCBS or SZ in fair conscience, NOT suspend LV for violating team rules ?? That’s a horrible picture for me if I’m a parent who’s trusting my son’s future to a staff I also want to trust. IMO but this program’s credibility is taking a major hit on this one

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He’s supposed to be a responsible adult setting an example for the young men he recruits.

  • @globaljaybird Agreed, but so far what do we really know? Do we really know there wasn’t some form of punishment? Was Vick really sick for those 2 games? I guess because of privacy rules we may never know unless the young lady comes forward and tells her version.

  • @kjayhawks cant say for sure he did. If this girls story is true, she would have gone to the police or someone from the university would have reported it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @brooksmd I’m a forgiving kind of person.

    That’s because you’re a great mom.

  • @brooksmd ummm I’m one that said it could effect recruiting AND I sure don’t condon our quote unquote recruiter " Snacks - -what kind of an example was he sitting? You shouldn’t overlook EITHER BOTH wrong - -you make bad decisions - -you pay for those decisions - that’s called taking responsibility for your actions - -taking accountability. plain and simple - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @ralster Snacks should of been GONE - -again what kind of example does that set for these young men. - -your surpose to be a mentor - -someone they can look too, talk too, depend on in all area’s sooo Snacks decides to smoke a little pot - - NICE - - REAL NICE. I agree with you , you mean to tell me there are no other recruiters for that area that we could have got? - - ya = - -ok = - - - -ROC CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I keep saying it… the player who is leading the team also polices every player off the court. It is his team.

    Heck, I’ve been through this myself playing on teams not even near the level of D1.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I like your forgiving spirit. But this is not as simple as a father or mother giving their child a “second chance”, or “letting” someone who is anonymous keep their job.

    There are not only personal level ramifications (what’s our opinion of HCBS for keeping Snacks on staff?), program level ramifications (the already mentioned concern about example being set, precedent being set, “tolerance” being set, questions about program quality if we absolutely must keep such people on staff?), institutional level ramifications (The University of Kansas. Can Snaxx ever look BGrayLittle in the eye? Can she ever take him seriously? Well, this WmsFund alum cannot take him seriously, other than the very serious nature of his job title and supposed role on this coaching staff!). And what about parent’s perceptions? Every Single Year some stupid nonsense out of the program: Giddens knife fight, CJGile hitting a girl, Brady drunkard, (I’ll leave out Tyshawn’s fight with ftball players, as its small potatoes compared to illegal/court stuff), Mario Little’s altercation, Naadir’s non-photogenic act with TheTeacher, ASST COACH guilty on dope–> Self incredulously keeps him…, Vick?, Bragg x 3 (hangin w/nasty “ho” assault case, slammed arm in door, now drug paraphenalia).

    So, how many chances we going to give Bragg? On this stage? Many, many, many eyes are watching & judging. This is sooo much more than giving some private person a 2nd chance.

    My vote? Make a horrible example out of Bragg, for both on and off court bullschitt–> goner! Then go tell Snacks that we were wrong to keep him, as that doesnt then give us a leg to stand on down the line (no credibility), and unfortunately for him: sack his snackin’totin’butt!

    Right the ship, Bill. You just beat KY in Rupp without a good-for-nothing McDAA BUST. Clearly, he does not have the pride nor the work ethic!!! Not worthy of the uniform. And, please, recognize this is a by-product of your being “soft” on Snacks. He played for you once, but he’s clearly not any sort of starter here.

  • I want to know why this is coming out now. Who released it?

  • @HawkChamp kc star, suppose to be private

  • @Crimsonorblue22 no - who at the university?

  • @ralster behavioral problems for this team have long since pre dated snacks. Morris twins. sherrons elevator incident. Giddens. Tyshawn. EJ. Brady. Mario Littke. Trying to tie this to snacks is a stretch.

    Also an artical that says “Vick probably did this” is bs. Either he did or he didn’t. Provide the evidence of fact or drop it. A character insult like this and saying he "probably did it " is unacceptable in my opinion. If I am missing something that has been Published i apologize. No place in this world for violence and violence against women.

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