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  • Well, it’s been a few hours since I received my call last night around 10 from a fellow Jayhawk out of California making me aware about Bragg. Have had some time to try and look at the broader picture. So far from what I can see is, this is possibly NOT GOOD in some areas for not only now, but the future.

    The main concern is, and before I even started to put this out, I read from another poster from another site, they also brought out the same concern, and that is, this could really put a damper on things for some of our possible recruits. Now look at it this way. Doesn’t really matter WHY Carlton got suspended - - -AGAIN, the bottom line is - -he did get suspended again period. So if you look at things 1st Bragg gets suspended because of the situation with his Ex, yes very true all charges were dismissed , Then we turn around and have this situation at Mc Carthy hall with the alleged rape of a 16 yr old girl, not saying it didn’t happen - -not saying it did, plus I am NOT, again I AM NOT so it is perfectly clear to some on here, I am not saying ANY of our players had anything to do with this situation at all - we have no idea where that is headed, but we have that situation out there, and NOW Bragg is suspended - -AGAIN. - - That in the eye of Joe B Public spells trouble - - turmoil on the Basketball program.

    Hence with all the negative exposure this team is getting now both locally and NATIONALLY and it is out there I’m sure we are all fully aware of that. with all this exposure this in no way shape or form is good for our recruiting in the future. - -Using as an Example , If anyone tries to say that in our recruitment of Trae , you don’t think that Oklahoma which is or seems to be the other school to beat for Trae, you don’t think they won’t use this as a major weapon in the recruitment of Trae? - If you do, I’m sorry to say let me have some of what your smoking because must be some good shit. - -You can take it to the bank , and on top of that with Trae, this whole situation with the things thats happening here, this could be the determing factor with Trae’s parents for him NOT to come here. His mama wants him to stay close to home, His dad not so much BUT Mom could really win out with this happening, I can almost hear her conversation - I don’t want my boy going away from home and getting into that type of situation. On top of that other schools that we are in heated battles for other top recruits - -you can turn this anyway it makes you feel the most comfortable, but again if you don’t think they won’t use these kinds of things against us? - - YA UMMM good luck with that. thats just the Nature of the game, thats how things are played in recruiting, using anythin - -everything they can against other schools. This could get bad - -maybe not BUT things is shaky to say the least right now.

    Bottom line , in the end run , my take , I really think one of two things will happen from this time With Bragg. One Carlton will either when it’s all said and done will be dismissed from the team OR two Carlton will leave the program. I don’t see any possible way as of right now how this turns out good for him. I know I have no idea as to WHY Carlton got suspended - - none of us do , BUT bottom line he has gotten suspended - -AGAIN, and is becoming a very big distraction with the team. This is not the happy go lucky, bubbly, light spirited kid that we recruited two years ago - - Something has happened I feel outside the Basketball program with him and has caused issues we quite likely may never know, if that IS the case, BUT think this is a no win situation for him.

    The one I and some others really feel sorry for since all this has happened, is Frank Mason. His Senior year, having an outstanding senior season, and of course high hopes, dreams of his and now doesn’t look good. Really feel for the team in general BUT for Frank ummm ya. hopefully things can get turned around. Hopefully Mitch and Dwight can between the two of them give some minutes and try to fill a void, just hoping for better days. - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • How does the suspension of one player for probably violating a team rule have anything to do with recruiting? HCBS said it had nothing to do with the alleged McCarthy Hall rape. None of the team has been mentioned to be involved in the alleged rape other than they may have seen the girl there. Geez, quit trying to make a frickin’ mountains out of mole hills.

  • @brooksmd Not sure this is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Of course at this point we’re all speculating, but I’m not liking this distraction as we head into the toughest part of our schedule either

  • @wissox Well the subject is about how it affects recruiting not game performance.

  • @brooksmd

    I agree. It is all the senseless speculation that probably hurts more. So far, there no there…there…

  • Bragg’s first suspension doesn’t count against him.

  • @brooksmd gees lmao gees pardneer it has ALOTTO DO geez wake the hell up. It’s call aculmative effect. take your dam crimson and who knows what the hell color else you got blinders you got on step back very slowly and smell reality. - -I can’t believe you can really be either that blind - OR that slow, Individually it may have nothing, but when people start seeing a trend, problem after problem surrounding a program, they are going to have second thoughts about sending their kid to that type of situation. Players being suspended, alleged rapes, of minors - dam man it don’t matter to these people if it ACTUALLY did happen or not- -all it takes is the alleged possibility of it happening around this team that is going to get them to thinking which other programs are feeding into them you can count on that. I’m sorry if your really not quick enough to figure that out… You can for sure 100% believe other coaches programs are telling these moms - - these dads - -ARE YOU SURE you want your son going into that type of environment? - -for get it I’m not going to even try to justify myself to someone like you any more – -really, really sad . - If you can’t figure it out, I’m sorry - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


  • @jayballer54

    If this is the case, how can UNC ever recruit anyone with the massive grade fixing scandal? Or Louisville with a coach that bangs his assistant coach wife on a restaurant table and the staff hires strippers for recruits, or Calipari with not one but two vacated Final Fours, or Baylor with a laundry list of offenses, or…you get the point.

    There is zero, nothing, nada, zilch evidence that any member of the program was involved in the alleged rape at the dorm they share with 24 other males that are not part of the program. Remember the team played in KC that evening and did not get back until long after the alleged rape took place.

    Nothing personal but comments like yours do a lot of harm since you are assuming guilt without any evidence. I believe the players should all be given the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. I don’t presume to speak for anyone other than myself.

  • @jayballer54 What type of environment are you talking about? Again, an alleged rape that occurred in a dorm that the basketball team shares with other students. That may have occurred while they weren’t even there. Would it have been as big a story if it had occurred when they were still living in the towers? And to tie Bragg’s suspension to your theory on recruiting is absurd. Would you want your son to play for a coach who had no rules and let the team run wild? I think not. Yes, I would love for my son to have played for HCBS at Kansas. You’d think the sky is falling.

  • @JayHawkFanToo holy shit - -did you not rad the thread - -Did I say ANYWHERE the guys are guilty of any of this crap – UMM NO they don’t need to be - itr’s just the scenario it’s self that gives the School a bad reputation in believable - -DONE

  • @brooksmd ok sparky as long as it works for you, as long as you can make yourself feel comfy awesome.

  • @jayballer54

    Maybe you should re-read your own post.

  • @JayHawkFanToo umm thanks – -I did re-read - -maybe you ought to. - - I said NOT saying rape didn’t happen - - NOT sayin it did, then I said I am NOT, again I AM NOT so it is perfectly clear to some on here, I am not saying ANY of our players had to do with this situation at all. I said we have o idea where that is headed. - -so please enlighten me as to where ANUWHERE in here did I say or imply any of our players were guilty of rape on this 16 year old. - -go ahead I’ll wait - - - - still waiting - - - STILL WAITING what? can’t find where I said they raped her, or implied they were - -hmmmm imagine that. - -sure don’t see anywhere where I said they were involved in the rape. - -they are being interviewed ass witness but that doesn’t mean that I said they were directly involved – maybe YOU need to try and re-read and show me where I pointed guilt. - -have a great day - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Guys, can you settle down and play nice before someone gets offended. Passion is good, name calling or questioning intelligence / sanity is entering the realm of Stephen A Smith.

  • @jayballer54 well now I know who not to disagree with. Just one thing when using caps to make a point try to spell the words correctly.

  • BTW, can somebody tell me what a “PADNER” is?

  • @kraken AHH THANKS forgot this was grammer 101 greatly appreciated, anything else? I know no one else has ever mis-spelled so thoughtful of you to point that out - -thanks again. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @brooksmd didn’t think you would know - -a lot better way of saying partner - - it’s ok your gonna be aright just remember to breathe - - inhale - - exhale - - -inhale - - exhale nice slow deep breathes - - inhale - -exhale - -see don’t you feel MUCH BETTER roflmao - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 You often make a lot of good points but you do lose me when you start throwing the insults and getting so outraged when people try to calm you down. Is that what you really intend or how you want to be perceived?

  • @brooksmd 👬

  • @mayjay Well let me try and re-adjust re-focus it’s just that there are SOME on here that seem they have issues with me and the only thing I have to say to that is if you don’t like the things I have to say or you want to constantly so sweetly always bring out about my punctuation and or any misspellings , if you never have anything positive to say yourself - -not you mayjay but you know what I mean - -if you don’t then the simple solution to all of it would be - -just don’t respond. I’m not sure but I would be willing to bet EVERY single person here has faults - -whether it be terrible spelling, punctuation or bad manners or quick tempers, I don’t claim to be perfect in area’s but THIS I know I do not need to be reminded every time I turn around about my spelling or other grammer problems. I know people here ARE intelligent enough to be able to read - -to understand what I’ saying - but yet still feel the need for some reason to enlighten me about the mistakes I’ve made.

    The insults as you say, true enough - but the thing that bothers me is people here and ITS ALOT of people only want to hear positive - they don’t think it’s possible or want to believe that we are above anything negative at KU whether it be the team not playing well that maybe that there are other teams that MIGHT JUST BE BETTER, they come across that, - -that’s just not possible - - and if we lose always all kinds of excuses as to why we lost then actually the real reason as to why we lost- -countless countless times have we heard OH those refs if it wasn’t for those refs. Then when I post my opinion then it’s on, people always trying to make excuses for why we lost other then THE REAL REASON why - a lot of times when it boils down to is we just got outplayed for that game.

    Most people on here, in here are really cool, have some awesome discussions - but for the others all I can say is if you know your going to disagree or feel the need to personally attack me make sure to throw up points about my grammer then all I can say is plain and simple just don’t comment - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well now have read an article stating that this is NOT the first encounter with Bragg and Law Enforcement this year. - There is a story that’s has came out now, stating that On Sept 16th there was a report of a Battery on an 19 yr old female, and her boyfriend. This took place around 3:30 in the morning at McCarthy hall, the boyfriend closed the woman’s arm in a door causing bruising. The police referred the case to the Douglas County District Attorney for prosecution - - -charges were not filed but boyfriend was confimed to be Carlton Bragg. Assistant district attorney, Cheryl Wright said there was insufficient evidence to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. They DID say that this woman was a different woman then Soofi when he was arrested on Dec 9th, this case on Sept 16th was a different woman - -Not Soofi - - just some FYI - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • This is a drop in the bucket in terms of recruiting impact compared to the Diallo debacle imo.

  • Probably another woman after him!

  • I really agree with Bill Self’s quote from the presser. (I will paraphrase)- No one is holding back info, it isn’t our job to report on a police investigation. If there was something more to it that we could report we would. Kids/Young adults make mistakes- as we all do, they are just doing it more frequently and closer to the edge than they will in a few years. Normal.

    If someone does something that crosses the line- hawk or not, pay the price. Until then- I would rather talk about the game on Saturday.

    I hope we win.

  • @BShark but we did fight to get diallo cleared. Let’s not turn on each other! At least our coach isn’t having surgery, locking the locker rooms, telling other players what to do, hiring hookers, not requiring them to go to class, he’s also playing the role of ad, imo.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Enh just calling it like I see it. The ineligibility wasn’t the problem, it was Self not playing a 5 star recruit basically at all. That burns bridges. I’m not even saying Self was all that wrong tbh (though I would have liked to see him play a bit more). It was obvious that Diallo had no clue what to do which is a huge pet peeve of Selfs.

  • @JayhawksandChill I hope we do too, I dunno not going to be easy - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark huge pet peeve of mine too! Especially if it affects team.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yep. He also didn’t seem to understand his role. Just an all around frustrating experience.

  • @jayballer54

    Is this a corollary to the Probability/Positive Effect Hypothesis?

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