How Many of the Seven Are Likely to Be 100% After the Mauling by the Mountaineers?

  • Playing team like WVU is usually good for some new bumps and bruises, plus an injury or two. Further, this KU team had landen sick vs. Texas and looking a little slow in recovery vs. WVU. So: we have to wonder if this sickness of Landen’s is the dread Norovirus that is highly communicable. strikes within 12-24 hours of exposure, last 3-4 days of serious discomfort, and then probably takes another 2-3 days to recover to full strength. Anyone here what kind of bug had Landen?

    Regardless of sickness, this team appears increasingly to be one of those “nicked up” teams; i.e., lots of unreported and underreported injuries likely to continue for much of the season.

    Not Frank. Its pretty clear from his numbers vs. WSU, plus @Blown’s sighting of a brace on his ankle at the Texas game, and the failure to report the injury, means Frank will probably be playing operable the rest of the season.

    Probably not Devonte. Devonte has been dragging his right leg, since December at least. It seems to be hampering him a little less each game, but he is not remotely the same explosive player he was last season, so Devonte has to go on the “Underreported” injury list.

    Josh? I saw where Josh added lingerie to his wardrobe for Texas. And board rats have been saying guys were driving by him right and left against WVU, so Josh is likely unreported.

    Svi likely not. Svi suddenly joined the “Desaparecidos”, so he was either sick with what Landen had (against Texas), or Svi will be playing unreported again.

    Vick? He’s been up and down all season, so we can’t even hazard a credible guess as as to health.

    Coleby is clearly in some kind of Cryo-ice situation. He gets a minute against WVU, where as Baby Face Lightfoot gets 8 or something. Given the WVU prison body coefficient, one can only infer Coleby not playing against WVU implies he isn’t going to do much against anyone from here on out.

    Lightfoot? At least he could be 100%.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    In his press conference today, Coach Self indicated Devonte had cramps during the game, so itsi not an injury. Looks like that condition is not under control

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    We’re into the Bill Self Injury Twilight Zone with cramps. Self could be telling the truth about the cramps. It was a fast paced game. Winter air is dry. Dehydration, like shit, happens. But then again cramps have previously been used as an explanation of Devonte’s physical problems this season. Why are cramps persisting? Is the dragging right leg causing him to overexert to compensate and so he develop cramps? Or is Self just flat out mischaracterizing the problem? Whatever, it appears cramps, at least nominally speaking, are something that are going to be an enduring limitation on his game.

  • @JayHawkFanToo could you tell?

  • @jaybate-1.0 We had a D1 stud play QB for us in HS. He would cramp up by the end of almost every game. Found out he had high blood pressure and he was just so muscular that it was actually causing him to cramp. Could be something similar. The continued cramping is definitely a concern. I’m still not convinced it is an injury as much as something with his internal system just not getting the job done.

    Could be his diet. Either he could be getting too much salt or not enough salt. Could be he is predisposed to sweating more. Could be he just added too much muscle for his body to carry without getting dehydrated.

    I’ll admit that the continued cramping is pointing to something larger as it has now happened a handful of games.

  • was the right knee, not the ankle. but potato-tomato.

    how can I guy have this much cramping?

  • @Blown who was the qb for Nebraska? Was it cramping?never mind it was blood clotting.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @jaybate-1.0

    I have to take Coach Self at his word. If he says Devonte was cramping then that is what happened. It would be silly for him to provide false information…a reasonable person would think…

  • @JayHawkFanToo whoa I didn’t mean that! Just asking if you noticed?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Devonte has been fighting cramps his entire time while at KU.

    I hope they know what they are doing as far as preparing him for games. There is a lot involved with cramp prevention and very few athletic programs know what they are doing. Protocols sometimes start up to a month ahead of games.

    But just because Devonte has been cramping for 3 years doesn’t mean KU isn’t on top of it. Cramping often relates to hereditary conditions, too… so it is possible they are doing everything just to limit his cramping.

  • I don’t remember his cramps before this year. I’ve never before seen a player have cramps for more than one game. Collison in Maui with no air conditioning. Once with Selden. Devonte says he eats bananas all day for the potassium. Why is there a continuing problem? He might be back next year, the NBA would not invest million’s in a situation like this.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    That part was more for Jaybate and his unending quest for conspiracy theories…😎

  • @jaybate-1.0 Even if they were all healthy enough they still arent defending to near the level we are used to. This team is not a final four team. Heck, this team isnt even a sweet 16 team. We could get bounced on the first game and it wouldnt surprise me at all. It would sting really bad but at this point I wouldnt be surprised.

    I was just thinking on my way home about this 7 compared to 2012’s 7. Its not even close. the 2012 team would BURY this team.

    Im just calling it right now. We wont make it to the sweet 16 this year. Not if our guys can figure out how to defend again.

    How did they lose it to begin with!? All of them except Josh were around last season when they were great!

    We may not even win the conference. Well, actually I still like our chances. But my hope beyond that is dwindling very rapidly. The worst Defense under Coach Self so far! No way does that get us past the first round. No way.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I actually saw Devonte get handed some pills to swallow by one of the trainers. Presumably they were electrolyte tabs cuz he was chugging Gatorade at the same time. SO, I think DG’s cramps have returned.

    I was watching the game on ESPN streaming live and it was this wierd camera angle, positioned right above both hoops. each time out one camera would pan over to the KU bench and or the WVU bench. But mostly to KU’s bench. Thats when I saw one of the trainers hand DG some pills to swallow and him chugging like 2 bottles of gatorade.

  • @Lulufulu Lose in the first round? You mean lose in the 2nd game to an 8/9 or a 7? I would say if we don’t improve we might be more likely to lose in the sweet 16. But…I think we will improve…crossing my fingers.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I always take Coach Self at his word.

    And I always take Coach Self at his deeds in the past.

    I think anyone is mad as a hatter not to take Coach Self both at his word and at his deed.

    And I think one would be properly characterized as lacking the wherewithal to render a hat full of urine empty before donning it, if one were not to prudently attempt to reconcile apparent possible discrepancies between words and deeds of the past, when trying to interpret the implications of what Coach Self says in the present.

    Along these lines, a person with operational memory would likely recall that Coach Self has appeared at times in the past not entirely forthcoming about injuries, especially seemingly those that have had to be “played through” for extended periods of time for the good of the team, and among those, perhaps even less a tincture less comprehensively forthcoming about those that may have to be operated on after a season of playing through.

    But that would only apply to persons with operational memory.

    Not, obviously, to those lacking such, or otherwise choosing to deselect operational memory from tools of analysis.

    Or so it all would appear to me.

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