McCarthy Hall Rape Investigation

  • This looks very bad.

  • That report leaves a lot of things in the air and it is misleading. The team was playing Davidson that night In Kansas City so it is highly unlikely the female in question was visiting any member of the team…since they would obviously not have been there. Most likely they saw something when they got back and were walking into the building. I suspect that after the Bragg fiasco they have been told to walk away from any situation that could be embarrassing and that is exactly what they did. After reading at least a dozen of stories on the subject, I just don’t see it where any team member could have been involved other than as an observer after the fact.

  • The timing makes it unlikely that any member of the basketball team was involved.

    However, I will say this - rape allegations on college campuses are serious, particularly since this incident involves a minor. I hope the admin gets to the bottom of this, regardless of who is involved.

  • Ugh! Five witnesses and no one mentioned as coming to the young woman’s rescue.

    Question: given the story reputedly refers to an incident back at the time of the Davidson game, which, if any, player’s PT declined sharply starting after the Davidson game?

    If there were no player’s PT plummeting in correlation, then we might declare the team uninvolved beyond witnessing.

    But, oooh, that long delay in surfacing sure does not make me optimistic.

  • @jaybate-1.0 doesn’t mean they witnessed the act, guessing they didn’t! Some pretty quality kids there

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Coach Self indicated he has zero information that would lead to a suspension of any player. This is serious sh#t and I seriously doubt he would said this unless he is convinced it does not involve a player or players; saying something he knows to be untrue would place him in legal jeopardy.

  • If anything can be learned from the horrible situations that played out at Penn State and Baylor, it’s that there should not be any interference from the athletic department into these types of investigations. I don’t care who it is that’s involved, if they did something wrong, they should face the consequences. No exceptions.

    That obviously doesn’t mean that people should assume the worst, just that there should be no attempt to lead the investigation away from any student athlete (or anyone else, for that matter). Let justice be served on whomever it need be served on.

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