Need an assist

  • How early does one need to arrive prior to tip to get decent GA seats? Have not had to sit there in a while and would like to take a group there this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Blown If I were you, as early as you can. Grab some Salty Iguana nachos and hang out. Take turns walking around and seeing things to kill time.

    I don’t know how big your group is but you definitely want to give yourself plenty of time if you plan on sitting together.

  • Four of us. when I’ve gone in last it seems there is a Huuge line outside several hours before the doors open. I’ve been really fortunate in the past to never have to stand in that line.

  • The students are seated first. No matter what you do it will be a scramble for the best remaining seats. A couple hours early will get you near the front of the non-student line, usually.

  • We found seats for 6 back on the Band side about 30 min before game time. But that was Thanksgiving break.

  • @dylans is there a student only line or something ? How do they assure students sit first ?

  • @Blown Yes and the doors open 30 minutes earlier. There is no bad seat in Allen Fieldhouse, best of luck!

  • @dylans maybe so. I’ve just spoiled myself over the last 10 years with excellent seats. Been a while since I’ve fought over a ga. Thanks for the input.

  • @Blown Well some are better than others…

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