I read Chinese, this is what those posts are saying:

  • Confucious says 4 out 1 in no problem when you have POY and Freshman of the year.

    Confucious says Big12 championship trophy being renamed to the Kansas trophy.

    Confucious says no make FT’s no win big championship.

    Confucious says Self Bill lose more in Allen Fieldhouse than celebrities attend Trump inauguration.

    Confucious says ref blow whistle ISU fans boo.

    Confucious says ref blow whistle KSU fans boo hoo too.

    Confucious say Fran big mouth no smart.

    Confucious say ref blow whistle when coach k say blow whistle.

    Confucious say coach cal have lots of money to buy player who never go to class after 1st semester.

    Confucious say Frank take shot by line 3 point Frank get 3 point

    Confucious say Carlton no prime time player.

    Confucious say KU no 1 team.

  • @wissox I am horribly offended by this! That, and laughing my a-- off!

  • @mayjay To be honest I didn’t want to offend and was a little reluctant to post what I did, but I figured there’s always the delete button. Anyways it’s before noon here which means it’s like 6 AM where you are in Hawaii, why on earth are you up already? Smiley face

  • @wissox They call 8 pm “Maui midnight” and go to bed early in this household. So I wake up after my usual 6 and 1/2 hours and start to catch up on all you crazy Rats! Yesterday’s lava field from a 900,000 year old eruption at La Perouse Bay: 20170118_101746.jpg

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