Jan 21: News Headlines Digest - Kansas alone atop the Big 12

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    5-0 in Conference Play

    ##Four in a row: Kansas pulls off rare feat vs. ranked foes##

    For the first time in a long time, a college basketball team has rattled off four consecutive regular-season victories against ranked squads. With a 78-68 home win against No. 24 Baylor, No. 8 Kansas became the first team since 1996-97 North Carolina to take four straight against AP top 25 teams.

    Box Score

    Bill Self talks the good and not-so-good aspects of KU’s play in win over Baylor [MP3]

    Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden and Andrew Wiggins discuss KU’s home win over Baylor [MP3]

    ###ESPN: Andrew Wiggins scores 17 to lead No. 8 Kansas past No. 24 Baylor###

    Defense and hustle have been the hallmarks of Kansas ever since Bill Self took over the program. Heck, they were a big part of it even before his arrival.

    So, not surprisingly, Self was pleased that it was defense and hustle that triggered the defining run in the eighth-ranked Jayhawks’ 78-68 victory over No. 24 Baylor on Monday night.

    ####Keegan: Selden’s hustle, toughness can’t be overlooked####

    The scoreboard isn’t always the best indicator of which team will win a game, a series, a championship.

    Sometimes, something extraordinary happens and everything that takes place after it becomes meaningless because the outcome had been determined.

    ####Baylor’s foul-line woes lead to loss at Kansas####

    Although the game is complicated to the core in so many ways, sometimes the difference between winning and losing a basketball game can be boiled down to the simplest things.

    ####Joel Embiid earns national player of week honor####

    Six KU players have captured at least one weekly honor this season and this is the second time in 2013-14 two Jayhawks have been named the same week as Perry Ellis (co-player) and Andrew Wiggins (newcomer) were named Nov. 18.

    **Also see Our Daily Threads (Jan 21) and yesterday’s Post-game Roundup as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday (Jan 20) **

  • Wiggins is just a Gorillas Grip on the ball away from finishing those drives. Here to hoping Hudy has a hand strengthener in her fantastic arsenal.

    @Jesse_Newell can you (or somebody) share the shot chart for Wiggins? I don’t see it represented on kenpom nor hoop math. I see percentage shots at the rim, but I’m curious if he shoots it anywhere else besides the elbow extended 3 pointers and drives from those same areas.

  • @Blown good point, that would also help him from getting rebounds stripped away from him. Guessing you still have teeth?

  • @Blown-With maybe exception of the Big Bad Bruise Brothers, all these youngun’s need major quality time in the weight room with Hudy. As noted yesterday, their passing is rarely ever crisp & even Joel at 250#'s is getting hand stripped by stronger guys. Leverage & footwork to initiate position are JE’s strongest points in the paint IMO that is some of the frustration you can see from him quite often. Big guys are laying lumps on him every chance they can get away with it. Ball reversal is just not as good as other Self teams in the past & arm, hand, & shoulder strength has a lot to do with that.

  • If Baylor shot their FTs from the 3 point line, they might have won this game. Their percentage was better there.

    How about that for a rule change? Take your FT’s from the 3 point line if you want. They’ll be worth 2 instead of 1. Teams will no longer foul at the end to prevent a 3 piont shot when leading by three. I think it needs to be explored.

  • Here’s a story on Mark Brandmeyer and family. Mark is the guy who has Selden’s Adidas imprint on his forehead. It explains how he can afford a front row seat at a Kansas basketball game!


  • @Crimsonorblue22 yes, one more check up tomorrow to see if they will require surgery or not. my wife wouldnt let me play pick up last night. She said “are you crazy?” I didn’t answer. I"'m saving up good behavior time so I can continue to whimsically leave for trips to the Phog.

  • @Blown I bet you wear one of those $10 mouthpieces from now on …

  • @HighEliteMajor It looks like your three boys will get a chance to play Saturday night. Don’t know about White or what’s going on. Will we have to wait for the book to find out?

  • @Blown Did you see Kenpom dropped us down the rankings after our win against Da Bears? He went ga-ga over Creighton’s epic beatdown of Villanova, so we lost a slot in his latest rankings. I certainly hope that Creighton is placed in a bracket far, far away from the Good Guys. That display they put on last night was nothing less than astonishing.

  • @HighEliteMajor Yes, Coach 🙂

  • @wissoxfan83 I really feel good about Embiid coming back. Can you imagine him playing with Cliff?

  • @KUSTEVE As a native chicagoan, I still read the sports pages there and boy oh boy, that kid is putting up some monster numbers.


    I believe Ken Pom’s computer has blown a gasket. He has Creighton as #2 and San Diego State, the team that beart Creighton (and KU) as #21. Creighton also lost to George Washington and were pounded by Providence just last Saturday.

    Creighton has a couple of outstanding shooters but last night shooting display was a “perfect storm” type of game and unlikely to be duplicated. Its schedule so far has not been anything to write home about. Does anyone believe Creighton is the #2 team in the land? I don’t.

  • If Embiid does come back does anyone think Cliff possibly starts over Perry? I still think Perry starts but it’s hard to see Cliff coming off the bench.

  • @JayHawkFanToo He was already having heart palpitations over Creighton, ranking them 13th overall before last night’s game. The reason he loves them so much is they are ranked first in offense, which covers up their 81st ranked defense. He also had a huge crush on Florida last year, consistently over ranking them all year. BTW, I loved that Creighton game last night. It was an astonishing display of offense that reigned down on Villanova at home. It’s not everyday you see the number 4 team in the land get beat by 28 at home.

  • Living in Omaha, Creighton basketball really frustrates me. Last night was beyond a miracle and they will not duplicate it again this season. One of their better players is on the bench for the next few weeks so we will see if they can keep others at bay.

    I watched that game and couldn’t believe what Villanova was doing. Creighton is lacking any real interior presence other than Dougie they aren’t very physical. I thought Nova would play a lot tougher in your face man on D. I also don’t know why they didn’t run some type of high low and lots of screens. Just wait until G-town, I think we all saw the rough game they play.

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