Who Is Driving The Bus?

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    It is funny how things change with time.

    Landen Lucas had been thrown under the bus by many.

    Now he is driving the bus.

    What are we without Landen Lucas?

    This man has character. Plenty of it. When the going gets tough for him, he just puts his nose to the grindstone and keeps on hustling.

    Here is a man who has never had an easy path with basketball. It has always been tough. It has always been a challenge.

    Landen Lucas hopes turbulent high school career leads to consistency with Kansas Jayhawks

    Fans really only see a glimpse into the players they follow. There is a reason why Landen is so highly respected among his teammates.

    Does he have the skill set of a 5-star McDonald’s All American center? No. But can he help his team every bit as much as an All American? Yes!

  • Maybe our most valuable player. I shudder to think where we’d be without him.

  • @wissox playing 5 out 0 in?

  • @Bwag Stop, I’m shuddering!

  • He was in the driver’s seat again tonight. It helped that we controlled the pace of the game. A bit slow pace, but it was a “safe pace” and met Bill’s objective to have a grind game.

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