Venezuela's Socialist Disaster - the theft of a country's wealth

  • I know you won’t see this anywhere within 100 miles of the NY Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS, or any other socialist accomplices in the media, but socialism is simply an advanced way of stealing wealth. Overthrow, and steal everything you can get your hands on.

  • @KUSTEVE Agreed. There’s perhaps a part of the human psyche that for some folks creates the sense that the grass is greener elsewhere…so we have seen it become fashionable to debunk or question things to the point I think some Americans clearly have lost their national identity, or what made America the most prosperous, desireable nation on the planet. America was built on the backs of everybody. Yes, some with vision or an idea built companies that employed many. Yes, some companies were mismanaged.

    America isnt perfect. But for those that look to fundamentally change it to something “else”, I only ask rhetorically: Why? To what? What else is there that is better? Very bright scholarly people have tried various systems around the world and in Europe, and NOTHING has come close to what the Founding Fathers devised.

    My father (& ma) came from overseas. So, speaking from their immigrant perspective, I can 100% unequivocally tell people this: Life in the US is what you make of it. You may or may not be born into a particular social level, but only YOU (not the govt) can change it, at least in the USA. In other countries, you are born into a social level, and most will stay at that social level.

    Keep in mind this is all about abstract idealistic thoughts. In reality, maybe the whole world runs about money and power, and the US is just better at brokering it all, thus we prosper. EVERY system consolidates power in the hands of a few. You actually cannot have governance without it. Gone are the days of a few hundred thousand Greeks experimenting with “pure” democracy.

    We are a republic. America, dont screw up what took centuries of toil sweat, foresight, and labor to create and build. In fact, tell every individual to find their place or station in life or dreams, and keep chopping wood to build that dream. The dream is not dead. Its just that the competition is more numerous as the population grows. I would tell all the diversity in this nation this: the key to this country hasnt changed. You have got to be able to compete. In anything. And original ideas can still be rewarded. Keep thinking and working, its the American way.

  • @KUSTEVE I’ve posted before the names of many of the “buttock-orifices” in Follywood who strongly supported and stood side-by-side with Chavez. And the idiots today would say that we would take the mistakes of previous failed attempts at socialism and do it better. They all need glass bellybuttons installed so they can see where they’re going.

  • @ralster

    Very well said.

    I’ve lived in 6 countries. I enjoyed living in all of them, but America clearly stands out as my favorite for many reasons, not just because I was born here.

    And while posting on this topic I will go a step further… Kansas, in general, is a great state to live in! Sure, we could have mountains, and oceans, and warm weather year around. Sure, we could have this that and the other thing. But just realize you can move to another place and have those things. What you will find is all of those things come with a price tag. It isn’t just a higher cost of living.

    When I was young I was restless to see the world, to experience everything I could. I did. I enjoyed every minute of it. But I came back here. I came HOME!

    I’m sure there is an extra attraction for people like me because I was born here and lived here in my youth. So I can’t really advise others on what will make them happy or fulfilled.

    I am currently quite satisfied with life in Kansas. I can hop on a plane and be on a warm beach any time I want. Or land in the Rockies for a good time in the mountains. It is all awesome, and all easily available.

    A huge part of what makes Kansas great is the people. People here in Kansas (In general) are very friendly and social. I walk into my local supermarket and can run into someone and talk for hours.

  • @drgnslayr jeez I hope it’s not me in the store, I try to get in and out as fast as possible-never fails!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I know if I run into YOU in the market it will be a long chat! Ha…

    I did figure out a trick… set the alarm on my phone for 30 minutes. If I’m chatting to someone for long the alarm goes off and I have an excuse to move on.

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