• I can live with playing badly, and being number 2…

    http://collegebasketball.ap.org/polllink text

  • This is good. Keep the chip on the shoulder. Self is happier if we were #2 today, than if we were #1, because in January, its nothing but a distraction. It isnt a feather in your hat, if your own coach doesnt think you are playing like THE top team in the nation. So, its meaningless. Just stay top 3-4 by the time Tourney seeding comes around…then it matters a great deal. Literally, we have a chance to pre-load our own “luck of the draw”, if we get one of the 1-seeds.

  • When was the last time we had an impressive win?

  • @chriz Been awhile, doesn’t bother me we are # 2 , really not sure were # 2 right now - -top 5 ya - -# 2 ummmm maybe, just not consistent 40 minutes for awhile, it’s ok though, cause you know what? - - Seems like in the past few years we roll early - -middle - -hit our peak, play awesome ball, get to be # 1 in the land, then come tourney time we start to fall off a little.

    I would much rather play good ball right now, not perfect, but not terrible either, know that we have room to improve, work on getting that improvement, stay humble, work hard, be # 2 for now, and then give them hell in the tourney - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Blessing in disguise, remain # 2 or in top 3/4 for next 4 weeks.

  • @jayballer54 In our 2007-08 'ship season, we weren’t ranked #1 the entire year in either poll. So here’s hoping 'Nova wins out!

  • Interesting that Nova jumped us but I’m okay with it. That east coast polling coming in effect again

  • @chriz No, here’s hoping Nova falls one short of winning out.

  • @brooksmd said:

    @chriz No, here’s hoping Nova falls one short of winning out.


  • How critical is to get some PT from Colby & or Mitch?

  • @AsadZ I don’t think you going to see any change in the rotation - - minutes, I think Coach has just pretty well to ride with these 7, with only very spot minutes for our other 2 unless severe foul trouble. - -Agree OR Disagree I think this is how it’s going to play out the rest of the year - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @AsadZ I’m hoping colebys knee is getting stronger and we will get a surprise! 🤔

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