Anyone have a sparre boot?/foot

  • Well guys & Gals had some time to ponder about our boys, the season, overall play, and such, AND the bottom line guys & gals I’ve fallen into " THE TRAP" ya the TRAP - - the TRAP call never satisfied. When I REALLY take time out and REALLY digest these guys I feel it’s me - - not them I’m disappointed in. I mean are they playing top notch ball right now? - - - umm NO, Have they played a " COMPLETE " 40 minutes of ball this year? - - -ummmm NO, That’s where I like to over analayze - - over dissect , nit pick, whine, bitch, moan cry. They’re not doing this, They’re not doing that - - Landon not boxing out - - -Landon getting in foul trouble - - Landon getting stripped - - - Frank driving no where to go – - We can’t make free throws - - We careless - -to many turnovers - -Getting blistered on the boards - - We are getting beat don the dribble drive, - -I then think DAMM.

    What the hell, I mean these guys are - - - SIXTEEN & ONE – -let me say this again - - -SIXTEEN & ONE - - we have won SIXTEEN IN A ROW, we have the Nations longest home court winning streak, We are soon to be the # 1 ranked team in the Nation - - - - AGAIN We are in 1st place - - AGAIN in the Big 12, We have a Coach I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world for anybody, We have arguably one of the very best Guards in the Nation - - - & yet here I am whining, bitching, crying like a lil spoiled brat.

    There in lies the problem I have become spoiled, never good enough, wanting perfection, just spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, man what an idiot - - This team is good, We have lost ONE game - - the FIRST game of the year in OT, I have got to chill out. enjoy the ride - -to an extent I feel sorry for our boys, they are under sooooo much pressure playing for KU, they have this big bull’s eye on their chest for ALL OPPONENTS they play, – then they have to read - - -listen to our bullshit about what or what not they are doing right - - wrong and yet they are SIXTEEN & ONE let that sink in - on their way to their 13th straight BIG Twelve Championship, Not only are they under pressure on the court - -but they are under pressure OFF the court from us to preform.

    So hence the question if anyone has an extra foot/boot? So they can plant it right up my butt, for never being satisfied I’ve been spoiled to long. - - looking for perfection - -lost ONE GAME - -Could you imagine the State of the mind if we were to lose 3,4, 5 games people would be ready to drive their cars off a Cliff

    Got to kick back and enjoy the Season - -the boys, now all I have to do is convince myself to actually do that – where the hell is that boot - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Go to the end of the spinal tap clip …

  • @jayballer54 I have loved KU Basketball my whole life. For me I always go back to the 1982-1983 season 13-16, and never forget! These are the good old days! I have enjoyed every year since. Some are too young to remember when we just weren’t that good. Going into games knowing that you are going to get creamed is a horrible feeling. I absolutely hated when that was going on and have never forgot it. I appreciate every KU win, because I remember when they were hard to come by. I also remember when the NCAA tournament was a different format with a lot less teams getting in. 1978 we played UCLA in our first game of the tourney and lost. We played with heart, but could not advance. Now it seems like all we do is win. For those not old enough to remember, look it up, it is quite depressing. 1981-1982 was not fun either.

  • @KansasComet I’m right there with you - -went though a lot of years with Ted under achieving with talent, now got spoiled - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KansasComet I remember those days as well. Some younger fans have only tasted a high level of success. I am right there with you.

  • @jayballer54

    “looking for perfection”

    I remember a certain coach from Kentucky who was looking for perfection. We don’t want to fall into his illness.

    “Got to kick back and enjoy the Season - -the boys, now all I have to do is convince myself to actually do that”

    It has been a fun season so far. I do believe we need to mentally prepare for some losses. We may even take a loss tonight.

    Concerning conference losses… I wonder if maybe we win games at Ames and even Morgantown. If that is the case, it would seem that we are a lock on #13. However… I could see us losing at OSU (again), and maybe places where we shouldn’t lose (like Texas and KSU). I will be pleasantly surprised if we don’t lose at least 3 conference games this year.

    “You will never appreciate your victories without first suffering defeat.”

    Someone famous said that.

  • @drgnslayr every game is one less game we have w/seniors and Josh and ??? Makes me sad! Incredibly great kids!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I’m with you 100%! I am going to be so sad when this season ends. This is such a fun team to watch and we have such a great group of guys with outstanding character, on and off the hardwoods!

    I would be willing to step up and pay for some plastic surgery and hair coloring for Frank, so he can come back next year with a new identity and 4 more years of eligibility!

  • @KansasComet Very timely post, keeps things in perspective. A good analogy is KU football of the recent years compared to the Orange Bowl season. I also think KU football played for a natl championship in the 50s? And to this day, KU football has beaten KSU more Ws than Ls, if you look at the total history. Flip the coin, and consider KSU basketball, actually quite good a generation ago, and Final 4 caliber teams. But not now.

    Personally, I knew little of KU in the early 80s, other than I may possibly go there for Aerospace Engr (vs. WSU?). The economy killed that career idea, and I knew nothing of KU basketball.

    My introduction to KU basketball began the same year Roy Williams arrived, and I realize not only how special it is for basketball, but also how truly outstanding coaches both Roy Wms and Bill Self actually are. No team, not even KY, is going to win every game, or get to the Final 4 every year. Statistically impossible.

    My best advice to fellow KU people is to stay within the confines of the current year’s roster. Meaning: we’ll only get as far as the team’s development will allow. Like when Wiggins and his mostly frosh/sophomore team got beat by Stanford, many of us could have predicted that. That team just wasnt up to Final 4 standards, and if you’ve watched for years and years, you can tell yay or nay by the in-season trends.

    So, literally and totally: lets see what these guys can do…

  • @ralster Great post. Over 30 years of winning KU Basketball. There is a lot to appreciate there in itself. For me, I enjoy watching the Jayhawks play. I enjoy every win and try to get over every loss as soon as possible.

  • @ralster said:

    That team just wasnt up to Final 4 standards, and if you’ve watched for years and years, you can tell yay or nay by the in-season trends.

    I like your thoughts and advice. The team with Wiggins and Embiid was a rollercoaster. While it wasn’t a surprise we lost to Stanford, I still wonder how far we would have gotten with a healthy Embiid. Once Embiid was out, the team was a shadow of it’s former self and vulnerable. Stanford exposed that.

    But I remember there were games that Embiid was the best player on the floor. He and Wigs were sensational at times and I think a deep run was possible with a healthy Embiid and Wiggins playing unshackled.

  • @bskeet amen!

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