VT vs NC St

  • Down to 15 with 16:43 left after a 10-0 run. I cordially invite you all to root for VT this year in their pursuit of respectability.

  • @approxinfinity Ugh. It’s gotten ugly again. The perimeter does not have good enough handles, NC St ripping the ball, now jumping passing lanes.

  • And back to earth for VT.

  • VT against Duke was VT’s A game agaisnt Duke’s D/F game. Last night was VT’s turn to play their D/F game. They’re a middlr of the pack ACC team who will likely end up on the bubble because VT lives on the bubble.

  • They won’t be a bubble team forever. If Bennett can recruit to Charlottesville then Buzz can recruit to Blacksburg.

    If they can make the tourney and win first round that’ll be a success this year.

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