a Little Christmas humor? jolly

  • I’m throwing this out - -coming from elsewhere - -the challenge will be, you guess, where is this coming from:

    Andrew Wiggins is a BUST, Kansas players, SUCK - - Self SUCKS , Big 12 ref’s are the biggest reason their crappy players get drafted so high. - - - lol. He ( Andrew Wiggins - - ( has no heart ) . We have BREAD TITLES… we count helms as titles - -we count everything. Wiggins needed ( a better Coach ) to prep him for the N.B.A.

    Then comes the implying that our streak is A JOKE : Ummm 2008 - - -Texas & Durant SPANKED KU in their only regular Season game, while tying for Big 12 title, obviously Texas wins the conference because of the head to head meeting.

    In 2006 OU with Blake Griffin PUMMELED the lucky Gayhawks in their only meeting and also tied which ultimately makes OU the Big 12 Champion

    In 2012 K-State finished tied with KU.But officials admitting to making a game deciding mistake in the KU/ISU game in which KU would of lost, So really KU finished 2nd. - - -Astute fans know that the " streak " is fictitious just like their God-Dam Mascot & their lofty record every year.

    Now this are quotes from others. - -your quest is to guess where this crap is coming from - -not that hard lol. - - Umm my question is/and or statement: - -Yes I’m a 62 year old slighty demented withered up old man BUT I don’t think my mind has slipped that bad – but need some help, If I remember right, since the conception of the Big Twelve - - In Basketball our conference has ALWAYS had a true round robin haven’t we? - -If I’m right I believe we are one of the only ones that DO have a true round robin in Basketball am I right? - -which makes these statements BULLSHIT - -Tell me if I’m wrong on that. - -I know YES in football when we had our divisions there were years where we alternated right? - -didn’t play certain tams? - -But in Basketball.? - -thought my friends needed a good laugh on this Christmas day. - - Ok go ahead - - take your shot - - where could this junk be possibly be coming from? - -ready - -go - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY .

  • @jayballer54 said:

    Yes I’m a 62 year old slighty demented withered up old man

    Even counting all the Helms titles, it occurs to me Fizzou has zero.

    By the way, with your new knee (knees?), your conception of yourself has to be revised. You are, on average, younger than your years. Merry Christmas!

  • @mayjay Ahhh yes younger it is lol, thanks - - -BUT as far as the Guess - - -NOPE not Muck Fizzou, didn’t come from them although wouldn’t of surprised me - - MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Probably originated with that Wichita State guy who aspires to be a bigtime Div. 1 coach…

  • @jayballer54 I’m guessing a Kentucky board is the birthplace of this factually wrong drivel.

    Kevin Durant and Texas lost to KU in 07 ( I believe) at AFH (I know bc I was there), His only regular season meeting w the Jayhawks. They met again in the Big12 championship, which they lost again. Both epic games. That team had Julian Wright on it so it was the year before the 08 championship team.

  • @jayballer54 Oh. From alleged KU fans on the other board? Say it ain’t so!

  • @jayballer54 The round robin format started when the Big12 dropped to 10 members. The number of conference games went to 18 from 16 making the non-con slate even more important.

  • @jayballer54 The implication is that we had an advantage that we only played OU and UT once while they had to play each other twice…until, as dylans said, that we starting playing everyone twice when we went to 10 teams in the conference. In the years when OU and UT were both good…probably some validity to us having a slight advantage. But…we won or tied for the conference crown fair and square.

  • First thought is who ever wrote it originally is a fool. First off Texas didn’t have KD in 08, he lost in AFH to KU in his only season at UT. Also KSUCK tied us for the title in 13 not 12 and we beat them 3 times that year. The big 12 has been round robin since dropping to 10 teams. I would roast this guy with ease.

  • @ZIG And you sir win the grand prize – ding - -ding - - ding. lmao, – Kentucky fans, I know going in on their board love to see all the B.S. they put up. I haven’t joined in their board cause you can read most of the posts for free - -I sure the hell wouldn’t pay to be on a KENTUCKY board – or any other board as far as that goes BUT do find it interesting to see some of the crazy things they post. Just thought it might get a couple of chuckles saying Wiggins is a Bust in the N.B.A. and such. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Hawk8086 But the real advantage was not having to play KU twice as the Big 12 South later found out!

  • @dylans yes! until Texas A&M in 07 a big 12 south team had never won in AFH. So i bet it would’ve worked out fine for us.

  • @kjayhawks ugg. I was there.

  • @dylans it was a good game man Acie Law was good.

  • Blake Griffin did not play in 2006. In his first game against KU in 2008, Griffin got injured early and scored 0 points and KU won by 30. In 2009 Griffin was injured and did not play at all and KU beat then #3 OU by 9 at Norman. They did not play in post season so Griffin scored a total of 0 points against KU.

    All the other claims seem equally absurd, but more importantly, why even bother with other boards with posters who obviously don’t know much about basketball and do not even bother to verify the non-sense they post? With search engines it is not hard at all and even easier to prove them wrong…but again, why even bother?

  • @JayHawkFanToo why I bother is because I enjoy going in on other boards to see other topics, other basketball fans talking about the sport of basketball, their thoughts amongst themselves as to what they think about their contest with us. - - YOU might actually be surprised, a lot of these fans ACTUALLY DO respect Ku as a team - -it’s the KU fans they have trouble with. THAT’S why I bother - - you one that doesn’t enjoy reading and reacting to others input that’s fine as for me I find several interesting bits of information. I NEVER join. - - their sites, - - I NEVER respond to their comments - -just read. - - -It’s really not a bother. - - I find it quite funny more then anything else. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    My point was that if you are going to other boards, go to the ones with a higher BBall IQ where you can maybe learn something new and have educated discussions. From what you posted, it sounds like every time you go there you lose a few IQ points yourself…so my question, why?

    I would personally would not waste my time, but that is just me… to each his own.It’s all good.

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