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  • Totally random and didn’t have a place for this but I just got asked by FanSided to be a writer for their locals division website providing analysis and opinions on Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC, and last but not least our beloved Jayhawks. Anyone have any ideas or topics they’d like to see discussed?

    Thanks all in advance for the suggestions.

  • @HawkInMizery Human interest story on Josh Jackson and his mother, reflecting on the huge decision for him to leave his home in Michigan a few years ago to develop his teen game out on the West Coast. Is Mom now in Lawrence? Will Josh’s NBA signing uproot the current family and its home site? Brothers and sisters?

  • @REHawk …and similar story about Udoka. Any family here in the States? Months of Hudyization, already or in near future? When will surgery probably occur? When back on a bb court? Siblings?

  • @REHawk Both of those are good suggestions! I’ll have to see if I can find a way to dig up that information since I don’t have press credentials yet but not a bad place to start!.

  • @HawkInMizery congrats on the new gig

  • @Blown Thank you!

  • @HawkInMizery I was always interested in Frank’s son. I think he’s 5. I love hearing about their families. Should be fun!

  • @REHawk inquiring minds!

  • @HawkInMizery nice! Congrats man! Looking forward to reading your stuff.

    How did Carlton get Bill to allow the headband? How do our stats trend when games are in the balance vs when we are ahead by 15 or more (or something like that)? How do our stats look specifically against top 25 teams? How about foul disparities by point margin and against top opponents? How good is the conference this year, really? What do the new coaches in conference bring that might challenge Bill? What does Bill mean when he said we practice free throws just not the normal way (or whatever he said)? What is the best way to practice free throws? Can you prove statistically that Jackson is better than Wiggins? What is his +/-?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You are correct. I’m pretty sure he just turned 5. Had I known i was going to start this writing thing I would have asked him about it when I met him at Kauffman earlier this year.

  • @approxinfinity Thank you! Really great suggestions I was actually thinking about doing a First Look at the conference slate for my first post. MY editor said they are lacking on KU postings so I really want to hit that hard. If I can get the right access I think the human interest’s pieces would get a lot of reads. Those have always bee my favorite stories as well.

  • @HawkInMizery Good deal man. I get FanSided in my inbox daily. I’ve a friend back in KC who does free lance photography for Chiefs, Royals, BG12, SI, CNN, etc. Jeff has a professional website called Might be an advantage to contact him. Very nice Christian family man but I’ve had to forgive him for being a Baylor grad ! When I have more time I’ll send you a PM with more details. And - congratulations & of course Merry Christmas.

  • Way to represent. I too get fansided daily in my daily in box. How about something on the ones behind the scene, i.e. What does Fred Quarterman actually do? The guys who are behind the bench with water/towels. They have a special bond with the team. How does one apply/get picked to do that?

    Off topic but Scooter was finally released from hospital. He means so much to the whole organization and maybe a follow up on him would be good. When will he be back travelling with the team, etc.?

  • @globaljaybird That would be stellar! I’m all for making new contacts and meeting people that have share similar passions. I would definitely appreciate that. Merry Christmas to you as well my friend.

  • @approxinfinity I read that Carlton proved to HCBS that he had worn that headband forever and it wasn’t just some fad he started a short time before committing in that terrible hat ceremony! I remember Jesse had an article about it back when he was at LJW and coach wasn’t against it but he didn’t want a player doing it to stand out vs. everyone else.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I would love to get in on some behind the scenes stuff. I don’t know how much access they will grant me since i’m in an unpaid position for now but you guys are hitting me with some great ideas and stuff that I would really love to pursue. Humanize the program and teams a little more. Great news about Scooter. I bet he’d be really fun to sit down with and pick his brain about the team and his health. I think visiting different Big 12 arenas and doing pieces on their stadiums and the KU bars in those cities would be fun too.

  • @RockChalkinTexas i remember seeing that too. He wanted to make sure Carlton was doing it for the right reasons.

  • @RockChalkinTexas ah ha! Good old Jesse. That’s funny. I’m really glad that people on our board stuck behind Carlton during the dark days. Calmer head prevailed (i know it kept me optimistic). Did his successful headband negotiations usher in the big hair revolution we see now?

  • @RockChalkinTexas I did hear Self say they were hoping he could be at the ksu game.

  • I’d like to see an article about how / why some of the best college basketball players in the universe can’t shoot free throws…

  • @approxinfinity Not sure Coach likes the “big hair” as he has commented several times about guys needing hair cuts, but I like it. Don’t mess with whatever mojo they think it gives them, right? Heck they got a barbershop now in the hall and only Landen seems to have used it 💇 ! Did you see the pic of Frank with braids during a weekly presser a couple of weeks ago? He said he was too embarrassed to wear it during a game. Definitely not his best look.


  • @RockChalkinTexas ha. Why wear it in a presser if it’s embarrassing during a game…? Reminder that Frank is still a kid even though he’s the man on the court 😄

  • Follow the shoes.

  • @jaybate-1.0 you talking about Carlton’s adidas headbands? You think that he’s wearing it to promote adidas?

  • @approxinfinity

    If the shoe fits…

  • @approxinfinity said:

    Reminder that Frank is still a kid even though he’s the man on the court 😄

    Truer words n’er spoke!

  • @nuleafjhawk hahaha! I would love to know that too we seem particularly inept this year.

  • My first article got published. I’m working on a conference preview now leading up to the match up against UK

  • @HawkInMizery Congrats. My Dad had season tickets way back to the Lenny Dawson era and were 29 rows up on the 40 yd line behind their bench. Cold as all get out some games but I came from Minnesota (same town Cole Aldrich grew up in) and born in So. Dakota so am a tough girl. My brother worked for a company who gave him season tickets to the Royals 77-80 and we sat 11 rows behind home plate. I have a picture of Thurman Munson at the batter box looking right at me and that was right before he died. We HATEd the Yankees then didn’t we? Good times at Kaufman were definitely had with my husband.

  • @HawkInMizery

    Good job!

  • @HawkInMizery It’s Ok now since we’re winning - but when we start getting into those nailbiter games it’s going to kick our hineys. Coach needs to spend a LOT more time on free throw shooting with this team.

  • @HawkInMizery

    Sure enjoyed the Chiefs big win yesterday. Especially that last touchdown, to rub Denver’s nose in it.

    I’m a big Chiefs fan, but I just don’t know about Reid’s “system football” for winning in the playoffs. His strategy is largely based on statistics and at time their play-calling gets as predictable as Schottenheimer’s.

    I believe Coach Self would be a good person to interview concerning running a tight system in playoffs.

    Playoffs require “pulling a rabbit out of your hat” sometimes. Predictable play gets punished because the game is played at a higher level. Season-long metrics can (and should) be tossed out the window because the same old structure will rarely (if ever) win it all down the stretch.

    I would like to read a well-written article on the “art of variation” (avoiding predictability). Coaches must address this during playoffs. The counter-argument, especially in pro sports, is that you run the same predictable execution until the other team figures out how to stop it. I’m not convinced that is a good strategy in playoffs (and often during the regular season). I always figure that if you over-use the same plays/structure, by the time your opposition figures it out, you have just played yourself into a big disadvantage. Now your opposition has the momentum, your advantage is gone, and you have no idea if your transition will work, especially against an opposition playing with momentum. Now you are using a “reactive strategy” instead of a “proactive strategy.”

  • @drgnslayr said:

    I would like to read a well-written article on the “art of variation” (avoiding predictability). Coaches must address this during playoffs.

    Great topic! I would imagine the devil is mostly in the details as these situations usually aren’t equatable to something like rock paper scissors. There are clear advantages to certain options even if anticipated, like keeping pitches down and the alternative options are higher risk. So that’s what makes the details fascinating. When do you roll out the triangle and two? How do you adjust if it doesn’t work? How do you manage the psychology of doing something that doesn’t work, like a fake punt that blows up in your face? How do you use time outs effectively to manage psychology? I often wondered about that as I loathe Coach K but always thought he had impeccable timing with timeouts.

  • A story on Bill Self’s move to foreign/non U.S. players. Svi, Udoka, Embiid, Diallo, Wiggins are just recent ones. We had a big break from Sasha to all of those guys. I realize that Udoka, Embiid, Diallo, Wiggins and Sasha all played HS ball in the U.S. but do we have a particular reason we have been able to up our game with foreign recruits lately? Is it our Adidas sponsorship? Is it just happenstance? Is it Bill is a good closer on guys that come on the radar out of nowhere and outrecruits other coaches? It sure seems odd, at least to me. We had such a large gap between Sasha and all of those guys and now Bill has either embraced it or it is a completely random set of events that seem to be related and aren’t.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I am not sure that it happens by design, Like other coaches, Coach Self goes after talented players, the fact that many are now foreign born has no bearing on it. Look at Kentucky, they have had a steady stream of foreign players as well. In the current Team alone you have Mychal Mulder from Canada, Tai Wynyard New Zealand and Isaac Humphries Australia; past teams included Skal Labissiere from Haiti, Jamal Murray from Canada, Karl-Anthony Towns who is Dominican-American. Eloy Vargas from Dominican Republic, Kyle Wiltjer from Canada and let’s not forget about Enes Kanter from Turkey.

    Davidson has 6 foreign players in its current roster, Gonzaga, St Mary’s and Santa Clara have large number of foreign players, particularly Australian. Many of these players are not recruited at all but make good members for the smaller conferences. Foreign players are all over college basketball and this is not going to change.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I guess you’re proving my point. When did this happen? And has Self leaned into this? Clearly Davidson, Gonzaga St. Marys, etc have all leaned into it because they are trying to compete with the big boys. Has Bill learned that this recruiting these foreign players is what keeps us at that Blue Blood level? It is clearly a strategy by other teams. Is it a strategy by us right now? Or is it just that we have had several foreign players at this time just out of coincidence?

    From Sasha until Embiid, Wiggs and Svi, we hadn’t had any international players that I can remember. That is a decade. Then we have 3 and have added two more. Seems to me like Bill is leaning into this foreign player influx.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I think you missed my point; it has been happening all along. All coaches go after top players and some happen to be foreigners and some years have more quality foreign players than others…not really anything new. Now, some programs (Saint Mary’s, Santa Clara) emphasize overseas recruitment since they cannot compete against elite programs and foreign players can be a good solution. don’t believe this to be the case for the elite programs, they simply go after the top players regardless of nationality. Keep in mind that other than Svi, all the other foreign players at KU played HS here.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I didn’t miss your point. They are all over. Got it.

    But why did we have a decade without one? They weren’t the top players? Or we just didn’t go after them?

  • @RockChalkinTexas Born in SD and lived in Minnesota. That is as good as it gets. I of course am prejudiced since I have a similar pedigree. The Vikings were good back in the day because they played outdoors. When you have to wear snowmobile clothing to a game you are in some real weather. Where abouts in SD are you from? Unless it was Sioux Falls or Rapid City we may be the only people who have heard of it.

  • @Kcmatt7

    • 2004-2005 Kaun, Galindo, Niang
    • 2005-2006 Kaun
    • 2006-2007 Kaun
    • 2007-2008 Kaun
    • 2008-2009 None
    • 2009-2010 Henry (Born in Belgium)
    • 2010-2011 None
    • 2011-2012 None
    • 2012-2013 None
    • 2013-2014 Wiggins, Embiid,
    • 2014-2015 Svi
    • 2015-2016 Svi, Diallo, Coleby
    • 2016-2017 Svi, Coleby

    Now, how do you figure a decade without one? Even if don’t count Henry, it makes 5 years without one in the most recent 13 years…

  • @sfbahawk I’ve heard of a place called Peer, South Dakota! Can’t find it on a map.

  • @DanR

    I have been to Pierre, South Dakota…I liked it…

  • @HawkInMizery how 'bout that Chiefs game?

  • @RockChalkinTexas We hated the Yankees then??? I still hate the yankees lol! You had some awesome seats! my season seats are not nearly as good. I’m glad you got to experience so much with your husband 🙂 I’ll bet you guys had some great times during that run.

  • @nuleafjhawk I definitely agree really hope they are heavily working on that over the holiday break.

  • @drgnslayr I completely agree about Reid’s system not being good for the playoffs. Being from Philadelphia and being an Eagles fan in addition to a Chiefs fan it gives me a unique perspective. He always had great regular season success in Philly but shat the bed multiple times in the playoffs.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That was an awesome game!!! I came home cold and wet but totally worth dipping on work for the night to be there. Still gotta write my story to recap that game as I was too intoxicated and full of joy to even think about typing last night haha.

  • You guys have come up with some wonderful ideas! I’m going to start working on getting in with the right people to make some of this stuff happen. I don’t know how quickly it will come but i’m the person to never say die or quit on something. I knew this would be the right place to ask to get some ideas going. I really really appreciate you guys and gals.

  • @HawkInMizery I thought Reid gave us an awesome Christmas present!

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