Predicting next years rotation

  • Newman







    So what or who does our coaching staff close in on, or what position does our team need most?

  • Most lacking -Impact wing. MJ Walker?

    Personal wants - Impact point guard Duval?

    Another ball handler/ shooter to open the lane-Trae Young?

  • Still need to add probably 4 players. Likely 3 guards and a post. Young/Walker/Cunliffe would be the dream, but probably not likely and one of the guards will probably be a sub 100 ranking project.


    Staff is recruiting under the assumption that Graham is leaving.

  • @Statmachine

    We need guards and we should get another Post with size that can be developed.

    I think there is a good chance Cunliffe joins for the 2nd semester if what’s been written is true.

    I don’t see Graham coming back so PG becomes the biggest need.

    Ideally I would love to see Trae Young & Cunliffe. Then its down to what happens with Svi. We could target another wing like MJ Walker. If Svi or Graham were to stay for next year this is another top 5 team potentially.

  • @Statmachine Seems like Graham will be gone…so I think we need Trae Young. But you are the one with your ear to the ground…you must think he’ll be back.

  • @Hawk8086 Graham is seen as an early-to-mid second rounder. My guess would be that he sticks around.

  • People keep saying that Devonte will leave but unless he picks it up, he will be back. So far, he has not played at the level I thought he would.

    We would have a terrific core next year with Graham, Vick, Carlton, Dok, Newman and maybe Svi. Add in our star recruits and we are a championship contender once again. Oh and can’t forget Coleby and Lightfoot!

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