New Face of KUBuckets

  • I’m thinking we may want to consider adding certain regular themes in here. Spruce up the place a bit.

    Here are a few ideas -

    “Caption That!” - Posting unique images and creating fruitful (and sometimes comical) captions to thrill the crowd.

    “The Stat Pack” - Post-game analysis of stats after every game.

    “One-on-One” - We invite guests for a blog interview.

    “KUBucket Upcoming Events” - An ongoing schedule of events coming up for this site and it’s patrons.

    Does this make sense? I bet some of you have ideas, too, for helping build KUBuckets into a worldwide brand.

    @wrwlumpy has been providing us all with spectacular background visuals from our upcoming opponents. I think it makes sense to start other repeating themes to give more meat to our site.

    -------------------------------- S A M P L E ----------------------------------------


    “I’ll grab HEM’s arms, you take his legs. He’ll thank us later for saving him from political hell!”

  • This is most definitely a depiction of what Boosters would have done to Bragg if the Battery charge stuck.

  • @drgnslayr to late

  • During baseball season, I like to check out Royals Review every now and then. For a while they did interviews and features on some of the more prominent posters and contributors on the site so that others gleaned a little bit of insight into their lives and backgrounds and how they became baseball/Royals fans.

    I know in reading this site religiously I’ve learned quite a bit about a lot of you, but nothing too comprehensive. I’m not sure how many movers and shakers here would want to participate in something like that, but just tossing it out there as an idea.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 11.37.25 AM.png

    Geico Emergency Claims - 1 800 OHH $HIT

  • tumblr_n5jy9shjVh1qdwo7go1_1280.jpg

    Where did Naismith come up with his ideas?

  • pamplona-running-of-the-bulls.jpg

    Mid-life crisis? Or just CRISIS?!


    Keeping your eye on the ball is a lifetime necessity…

  • tallguy.jpg

    Basketball is a game of inches? (or feet?)

  • Going to a Game in the New Freedom

    new freedom 17.JPG

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