Key to becoming a sportswriting genius...

  • If you desire to some day become the next great sportswriter, then follow the pack who are up there now. They copied their predictive skills from successful weathermen, realizing it is best to let the weather happen first, then report what happened in a predictive style, because none of us are capable of knowing what has happened outside without being told by the geniuses who possess this special gift.

    I had no idea that Embiid had potential. Gosh… where has he been hiding? And Wiggins may not be the #1 pick in the draft? Noooooo…

    Kansas has a shot at another National Championship? What kind of mushrooms have these guys been eating?! Shitake?

    What’s next? Maybe Selden should stay in school another year?

    I wish I could be a top sportswriter someday, but unfortunately, I don’t have the extra 10 minutes necessary to research what’s going on in college basketball to keep current!

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  • @drgnslayr

    Sportswriter want cheap headlines without the hard work, perhaps a reflection of out society at large. Look at what the San Diego Union did in the Merv story. Their entire conspiracy theory was based on Merv not having any Div, 1 offers, when in fact this was not true. Did any one call them on that? No. People have become jaded and expect sportswriters to be lazy, after all we are lied by our Federal Government and politicians on a daily basis and yet we continue to re-elect them and cede a good chunk or our money to them…why should we expect a higher standard from sportswriters than we do of our politicians?

  • @drgnslayr Interestingly, can someone shed light on the latest about AW III?

  • @Shanghai_Hawk - Only theories abound. It seems something will be reveled soon because the spotlight will brighten if he continues to stay MIA.

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