Phantom fouls are inexcusable


    How can a ref possibly call something he doesn’t see? Even more, something that doesn’t exist?!

    Any reason why the refs don’t err on the side of NOT calling the foul? “You don’t see it, you don’t call it”? Seriously, wouldn’t that make more sense? Nothing worse than watching refs trying to take over a game. Nothing better than watching a game when the refs are “letting them play”, right?

  • Duke fans would have you believe they don’t get all the calls. Ha.

  • Yeah, seems to happen a lot with Duke. That Grayson Allen call was a joke. It seems I see a lot of it in the NFL too. I can forgive a no call much easier than a phantom call.

  • Richard Sherman often gets away with DPI. Do see it a fair bit in the NFL in general.

  • @BShark

    Sherman works the refs better than any other defensive back in the league. Makes me think he used to play basketball at Duke.

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