• Good morning my friends. Well just read where there is a 4 star safety out of New Orleans, from the school of McDonogh 35 has listed KU as one of his six finalists.

    He is a 6ft 194 pound safety that was rated as the 19th best safety in the country according to rivals.com, his six finalists are Flordia, USC, Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Oklahoma and KU. - - He has eliminated Alabama, LSU, and Nebraska along with others. He said he has been recruited by Tony Hull who recruits New Orleans and said he could come to KU and help turn the program around. - -He had even went as far as talking about possibly making a verbal commitment but has back off that a bit and said going to wait until spring signing.

    Now I realize this is just wishful thinking, but hey it’s getting close to Christmas doesn’t hurt to wish right? I mean I’m not getting all pumped up to the extreme BUT you know there was a time when we couldn’t even begin to think about attracting such an athlete such as this to come here, BUT yet now he is mentioning us with the like of these other 5 schools? - -That’s called progress, That let’s us know that coach Beaty and staff are making headway - -at least we are getting a little consideration, where as before they wouldn’t open the door for us, NOW they are letting us in the door. - -Hell who knows - -Maybe - -Just Maybe he decides to come, we shall see. - - -ROK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • That coach is recruiting a kid I’ve taught and coached here in Baton Rouge also. I keep telling the kid he needs to go to KU.

  • My fingers are crossed for our Louisiana connection to continue to bring great players to KU. Thanks for keeping track and posting about football in December, 54; I can always count on you. RCJH

  • @wissox Well good bud, keep after him - -we need all the help we can get - - sounds really sweet - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop HEY no problem, - - I just love ALL KU sports, I think we have the right people in place -now we just have to keep everyone there you know? - -I really believe that Coach is getting this thing turned - -just remember patience, patience, patience, - -it’s coming. I can see it, you can. other knowledgeable can. - -Just takes time.

    Like I said in the thread we are now at least getting some of these players tO open the door. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Ive absolutely noticed that Beaty is a better recruiter, right off the bat than that old guy at purple. Y’all heard that phrase about jimmies and joes. And I think he is growing as a coach and play caller, so I’ll give him time.

    The TX win should get Beaty a shot at a few more quality kids.

    The absolutely first thing I’d tell “sentimental” KS folks, is that college bball is big biz. Everybody from ESPN to Zenger and Beaty, and on down realize that. You can get sentimental about your son, cousin, nephew or grandkid who is a 0, 1, 2star KS kid, and want him to play for KU or KSU, fine…but there isnt that sort of sentimentality in top 10 or top 20 programs, and Beaty knows it. He loves Jayhawk football, but he has 50+ TX kids on the roster. And 31+ kids now with 4.5 speed or better (compared to only 4 such kids on the roster when he came). But those kids are mostly underclassmen, playing against the physically mature upperclassmen and depth of more established programs. But wait til these 3 & 4 star kids of Beaty’s get to be upperclassmen with experience…

    Beaty himself said during a press conference after yet another close loss to TCU: …“hey, our goal is to eventually win the Big12”… I like the fact he has set the bar. I also hope the fickle KU alums realize what being competetive with OU and OSU actually will require, and give the man time. He’s got it started, at least.

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