Regents give approval to proposed apartments near Allen Fieldhouse

  • In today’s day and age I think this is needed for the basketball program. Keeping up with the Jones’s definitely plays a part but I think player safety/privacy is the overriding issue. Hearing about the autograph seekers, the people waiting for players outside the towers, people in the towers knocking on doors late at night after a night out. It must not only be annoying but seep into the back of these kids minds that they’re never alone. This should provide some piece of mind.

  • Looks nice… but it’s all in the details…

    In rooms:

    A. Over-sized Jacuzzis

    B. WIFI extreme sound systems

    C. Quality-built smerf basketball rims

    D. 7-foot wall mirrors

    E. Laundry shoots and maid service

    F. High-speed internet with Skype-connected cams and mics

    Other areas:

    G. All kinds of gaming consoles built in media room

    H. Secured VPN and Skype in study rooms connected to study groups and counselors

    I. Automated wood pellet-burning pizza oven in kitchen

    J. Refrigerated tap in lounge for non-alcoholic beer

    NOW… we are talking about recruiting!!!

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  • Wow, how did I mess up this thread??? I must have gotten confused about which part of my anatomy does what…

  • @ParisHawk Holy moley! You have the touch!

  • @approxinfinity - totally unrelated, but in different thread you had edited another poster’s comments and changed one word to MANBITS.

    I laughed so hard MY manbits hurt. I’m not familiar with that terminology, but it’s funny! (Seriously though, had the original poster used terminology like that, we’d be laughing with him instead of condemning him)

  • If self gets new housing and Adidas stands firm, Self only needs 10 more recruiting classes to beat Wooden’s record for titles.

  • @nuleafjhawk haha I’m glad you got a kick out of that 🙂

  • A long time ago in a galaxy far far away … Well it seems that long. Anyway, I can remember when my son attended Roy Williams camp and he stayed in one of the towers. My impression was how in the world can Kansas bring in top recruits and show them that this is what they will live in for the next 1,2,3 or 4 years. Now I’ve heard the athletes had better “compartments” than the average student, but that couldn’t change the overall appearance of the towers. I hope the powers that be put their stamp of approval on this project so future recruits will not only stand in awe when they first walk into the PHOG, but will go ga-ga over their place of residence during their stay. (beer)

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