Venezuela's Madman Goes Insane

  • @KUSTEVE He is full of, and covered with, mucho bat guano.


    Get ready. Synthetic liquidity crises is reputedly the new thing in unconventional warfare doctrine.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Egypt. Text book case of manipulating the economy to overthrow the government.

  • @jaybate-1.0 You could also say the 500 million dollars pulled out of the US Stock Market simultaneously 5 weeks before the 2008 election was another form of economic terrorism as well. Like you’ve said in the past, nothing happens by mistake…it’s all coordinated and planned.

  • More on Venezuela:

    ****"The government does not release data on the number of parents giving away their children and welfare groups struggle to compile statistics given the ad hoc manner in which parents give away children and local councils collate figures.

    Still, the trend highlights Venezuela’s fraying social fabric and the heavy toll that a deep recession and soaring inflation are taking on the country with the world’s largest oil reserves.

    Showing photos of her family looking plumper just a year ago, Pulgar said just one chicken meal would now burn up half its monthly income. Breakfast is often just bread and coffee, with rice alone for both lunch and dinner.

    Nancy Garcia, the 54-year-old neighbor who took in the girl, Pulgar’s second-youngest child, works in a grocery store and has five children of her own. She said she could not bear to see Pulgar’s child going without food.

    “My husband, my children and I teach her to behave, how to study, to dress, to talk… She now calls me ‘mom’ and my husband ‘dad,’” said Garcia."****

  • Can’t help but wonder how Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Michael Moore and other Follywood stars feel today. Their vocal outrage is deafening. No doubt they are stepping up and using the millions they’ve made in our capitalist society to help the children of Venezuela.

  • @brooksmd No doubt…or as Gordon Solee used to say…“Indeed”.

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