Local (to you) Digs to watch KU

  • I just moved to Denver and I see quite a bit of fellow KU fans walking around. Figured we could post local bars/restaurants where there is a fair share of us watching the games. Coming from Norman, Oklahoma there wasn’t much of a KU presence. My wife being the OU fan born and raised in Norman, can’t stand that there are more KU fans here than OU.

  • Many KU fans in Denver go to a popular sports bar in the Cherry Creek area. I’ll see if I can get the name from my daughter who lives in Denver.

    Update: She said Choppers, maybe

  • That would be great. Tough to score tickets here for any KU related activity. Heck even Chief tickets are more expensive when they come to Denver than all the other games.

  • Choppers is a great place to watch games in Denver. Usually a lot of KU fans. Get’s really busy for big games but not too full for most others. Stoney’s is another great spot. Closer to downtown. I’d say the primary difference between the two is the age groups. Choppers, being in Cherry Creek generally has a crowd that is 30+ in age. Stoney’s runs a bit younger as it’s a pretty popular bar on it’s own.

  • I believe Stoney’s is a KU bar in Denver.

  • Ditto to Stoney’s. They have a KU themed menu (Naismith Nachos or Phog Allen Fries, anyone?), prizes for predicting the halftime and end-of-game scores as well as good prices on beer. Oh, and it’s always packed with KU fans wearing jerseys, etc. Can’t beat it.

  • Oh, and you’re wife would love the fact that Stoney’s is also an Oklahoma bar. They have flags of the team and watch parties there too, I think (although they’re not the Jayhawks so who really cares 🙂

  • I’m in Aurora, CO myself and have heard Stoney’s is the place to go as well. I’ve been meaning to get there myself, and perhaps this is the year.

  • I live in Brighton which isnt too far from Aurora, I believe. Ive only been here since June so I’m still learning the area.

  • Miyagi is in Asia but come to Denver to live soon. Miyagi hope Stoney’s has sake. Sake and KU makes Miyagi happy.

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