Interesting Line Up: 4 Bigs and Vick

  • Did anyone else find Self’s line up interesting at the end of the game when he was taking out the guards? He played four bigs and one guard, Vick. When Mason, Graham and Jackson came out of the game, the line up was Bragg, Lightfoot, Svi, Coleby and Vick. You may remember we had a couple of turnovers because Lightfoot and Svi were handling the ball more than usual. After a great game, I found it amusing that the bigs were trying to run the weave. I’m going to go back and watch again. It didn’t last very long because the other bench players came in to finish the game. Four bigs and a guard: very interesting. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop

    This is what I have been calling the 5-0 that might work better than the 4-1.

    It’s crazy not to pull both their post man out and drive on them, if you can. But it requires lots of help defending Post men.

  • Hawaii 5-0…FM/DG/Vick/Josh/Svi. Reign dem treys up in here, up in here, up in here…

  • Next year’s team could look the same, remove Frank insert Newman, Svi for JJ and much better post play.

  • I could tell Bragg was excited to play in one of the guard spots.

  • @stoptheflop

    You know I goofed. I read the head and saw guards and Vick, not 4 bigs and Vick. Sorry!!!

    It is always interesting to me to go big, too.

    Especially if one plays a zone defense that can stretch with the bigs on one end and make teams pay for going small by cramming everything inside to the bigs.

  • Quick question talking about bigs. Is it just me, or is Jackson pretty good at posting up? Is that just Self’s design, or his instincts or what? We always talked about trying to post Wiggins and Selden as big guards, but it rarely worked. What’s the difference now?

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