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  • hey got a quick question. - - What’s the latest on Wooten? has anyone heard anymore? The last I had heard I believe was he was going or wanting to enroll somewhere at the semester , has been awhile since I heard anything, any new news?

    Comment: Read of the phog a poster linked a pretty decent article posted yesterday from a writer From Kentucky, a guy named I think he name was Ben Roberts talking about UK recruits yet & he was talking with Jerry Meyer, Meyer stated he thinks as of now UK has Zero chance of Trae Young ending up at Kentucky. Said since Kentucky has signed Green and Alexander, that Meyer says he just doesn’t see Young & Green playing on the same team. I’ve thought this also - -Meyer seems to believe that Trae will end up at KU well here is wishful thinking, would be great - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • could be waiting on grades before going on visits…

  • @BeddieKU23

    Could be. Things have been oddly silent lately.

  • @BShark, @BeddieKU23, do we have 1 or 2 scholarships left? If it’s only 1 I think it would be reserved for Young or Duvall, over a skinny PF. If we have 2 left Hudy would have a couple of years to work with him before he’s needed.

  • We have one scholarship actually open being unused this year. That’s what would go to Wooten. Garrett and Preston fill Lucas and Mason scholarships. We know for sure Josh is leaving so guaranteed two open scholarships for next year counting Josh and the currently vacant scholarship.

  • @BShark not many players left. So I guess Wooten or hope for a transfer or decommit.

  • @BShark hmmmm, I don’t know about you BUT that is a big statement and sounds positive to me, this is something that and before I say there are a lot of na-sayers but this is the same thing Matt Scott has said from the word go.

    That is Trae putting and end to the people that think this recruitment is just between Kentucky and Oklahoma. Like I stated earlier, Jerry Meyer said he believes that Kentucky has right at a ZERO chance of landing him now, that kind of follows suit where it is showing more interest in the CB think Kentucky has actually backed off a little bit, there is another big time player they said they can use in place of Trae - -in fact a lot of the people there seem to think that Trae won’t come now.

    Then he says in the article that he has been talking to Billy ALOT since he committed to us - -things may start to get interesting - -time will tell – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Yep definitely NOT a done deal to anywhere at this point.

  • Picked a random crootin thread for this.

    Matt Scott posted a little VIP snippet today. Not much there, KU is in good shape with 18/19 kids we thought we were in good shape with (Dotson, Grimes, Leech, Harvey, Hurt, Robinson Earl) etc… Also briefly mentioned guys that KU has offered but probably aren’t KU kids. So a pretty comprehensive 18/19 list… So the key may be who WASN’T on the list, Bol Bol.

  • @BShark

    Dotson, Grimes & a good Big are the key to the 18 group.

  • @BShark Ahhh man…we need Bol Bol…

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