Brutal Stretch in Conference Play

  • It’s never too early to look ahead with the conference opener only 24 days away. I hadn’t really dug deep into our conference schedule as I wanted to see how teams looked first.

    It’s clear the scheduling guru’s did us no favors in this 14 day stretch from January 24th to February 6th.

    After a home game against Texas on Saturday Jan 21st, KU travels just 3 days later for its annual 8 on 5 match-up against West Virginia in Morgantown.

    @ Kentucky in Rupp 3 days later

    Home vs Baylor 3 days later

    Home vs Iowa St 2 days later

    2 days later our annual trip to Manhattan to face squeaky and the kids who wished they played for KU.

    How on earth are these kids supposed to “get up” for all these games. Each team presents different levels of emotions for KU to deal with. We will definitely find out the heart of this team during this stretch

  • @BeddieKU23 Seems as if there is always a stretch like this in the conference season. Last year we had OU, @TT, @ WVU then I think we had someone between before we went to OSU. in a 2 week period.

  • @BeddieKU23 3 at home and 3 on the road. That’s fair to me. The road games will be good for us. The home games will be great for us. We are probably the biggest game of the year for each of those schools. Imagine how they feel having to play us?

  • @kjayhawks

    Very true. Just going to be a tough stretch where we find out what these guys are made of.

  • @BeddieKU23 Yep, we will find out alot about this group.

  • Probably 3-2 in this stretch, better than that would be stellar.

    Also kudos on the ref dig re @WVU

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