Why Did KU Win When Stanford Was +9 on the Glass?

  • Self did something EXTREMELY clever.

    He turned the game into a Trey balling vs Free throwing contest.

    KU shot treys.

    KU enabled Stanford to shoot two shot fee throws off misses.

    Self is getting to be kind of scary good. He just devises a new way to win a game and then tries it out.

    Opposing coaches are back in undergrad trying to turn a game into FT shooting contest, so the old prof running the grad seminar takes the young coach’s strategy and forces them into shooting so many two shot FTs that they can’t off set all the 3ptas KU takes.

    Jarrod Haase went to grad school tonight.

    And he thought Roy had taught him a lot all those years.

    Absorb everything Self will share, Jarrod. Your players were drilled and disciplined. You’re a good coach. But studying Self can make you better.

  • +9 boards meant nothing. Self talked about that in the post game press conference. (basically, you can’t get rebounds when they’re just shooting – and making – free throws.) He only cares about the percentage of rebounds on actual shot attempts. Makes sense, I guess. I never thought about it like that before.

    On the other hand… this is a game we lose in the tourney if we hit 25% from three .

  • @DanR

    True but what Self left out was that he apparently told his C-4 to keep them on the line.

    The other thing Self has figured out is four perimeter scorers outscore three and one inside guy forced to cover outside almost everytime, even on an off night; this is one of his classic strategic break throughs that bias averages in his favor every game.

    Giving 12-16 two shot fouls inside and matching 4 shooters vs. 3 on the perimeters means your potential ppp just is biased to be higher even on a cold night.

    He is a sly devil.

  • The 3 point line and shooting % is the reason teams that get out rebounded win. If you take away the 3s for 2s 9 times of 10 the team with the most boards wins. Simply off of more chances to score.

  • @DanR

    Hell, even Iba would get a scoring boner about this angle!!!

  • @DanR

    Yeah. Stanford missed 29 shots and KU had 22 defensive rebounds, Stanford had 8 offensive boards. Def reb % of 73. That’s acceptable, pretty much average.

  • @kjayhawks

    If KU were playing 3-2 against a 3-2 team, you are right.

    But what Self has figured out is playing 4-1 with a composite post against 3-2 biases everything in your favor scoring wise even on an off night.

    KU won by 15 shooting 54.5% from Trey.

    They could have missed 4 more treys and still have won!

    That means KU could have shot only 36% from Trey and won.

    This is a break through in biasing toward victory!

  • Travis is a 54% career FT shooter; if you want someone from the other team shooting FT he is probably the one you would pick. Of course he went 19-22…who would have thunk it. 😳

  • @JayHawkFanToo always!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Thx for the add. This makes me even more jazzed about Self’s strategy. It generated a +15 win even when the opposing team’s 54% FT shooter he chose to give 22 FTs shot 19-22!!!

    Think about it. If Travis had shot to his FT average, say, 12-22, then KU could have missed 4 more treys and won.

    That would have been 4-22 from Trey, or 18% and still a 1 point win!!!

    This dog will hunt!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Following tradition, a player of the opposing team will have a career day against KU, usually in a losing cause. Congrats Travis, today was your day…🍾🏆

  • @JayHawkFanToo people always have those games against us

  • @kjayhawks

    I know. It’s a tradition.

  • I am so psyched we could have shot 18% from Trey and still have won by one had Travis shot his average at the stripe. It’s like Self has schemed a way to win with BAD Trey balling with keeping a good mix between inside FGAs and outside FGAs.

    Go Bill go!!!

  • @JayHawkFanToo funniest post I’ve seen on here

  • @jaybate-1.0 mentioned Jerrod Haase. Watching Haase yest made me think of this: No coaching disciple of Roy or Self has been truly successful yet. Which also means KU guys out there coaching. You do have a Ted Owens and Larry Brown assistants (does that count?) who are above average (Self and Calipari). Those are the only 2 that are proven. All the others are still trying…from Danny to Turgeon to Haase, Walters, etc…

  • @DanR Agree that if we werent red-hot from trey, just missed 3 of them…then this is a 1 possession ball game. At home. Against a midmajor! Losing to Stanford would have been a bit worse than KY losing to UCLA in Rupp Arena. But that KY team usually will improve in-season more than most squads.

    KU is a work in progress in the post. Or its Bigs-by-Committee + 5 superlative guards.

  • @ralster

    By the same token Stanford had a career 52% ft shooter go 19-22 from the line. So, stuff happens and the flow of the game after Stanford’s early lead (due to KU’s sluggish start) was such that it never really felt in doubt after that. Also Tyler and the gang turned this from 20+ to 15 even considering everything else.

    Also Stanford is not a midmajor. Mid-level program yes but in a P5 conference.

  • @BShark Agreed Stanford is a notch above a typical midmajor.

    I was not too happy with Tyler Self attempting Mason/Graham impersonation. Jesus H. Christ, I can shoot a runner/floater better than him, did he even draw iron on those 2 attempts. From Spoonie, to Niko, to Tyler, the jokes continue…

    That being said, credit the father (Bill) for not running up the score on Jerrod Haase. I thought that was a gentlemanly thing to do. You wont see Self call off the dogs (Mason, Graham, Vick, Svi, Jackson) against Twat Drew or Liberace, guarantee it.

  • @ralster does Tyler go to wt lifting? No way!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I should cut Tyler some slack. He tries to keep a straight face, yet no one takes him seriously. He isnt half the player his dad was (who could rain 3s all day, even as a grad asst in Robinson old gym), nor would he ever pinch-sub like Evan Manning occasionally did. He’s slow with loose handles. But it is indeed a lifetime experience for him, which is exactly what his dad said, when Tyler decided he did want to be on the team. I guess thats ok.

  • @ralster AP reporting backboard repairs are ongoing at AFH after the bricks Ty unloaded on the unit. I mean was he drunk? Those shots were like when you try to look like you are bad. Not even remotely close. My son and I were laughing our tails off they were so bad.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Almost like we need to start keeping tally of these career day “L’s” for the opposing team.

    A classic one coming up is Jack Gibbs or Peyton Aldrige of Davidson, they are candidates for career nights. Although Gibbs has scored over 30 points 10 times in the past 2 seasons and 3 over 40. Aldridge has hit for 30 once this year already.

  • @BeddieKU23

    We seem to contain guards pretty well mostly, Blackmon aside. I’d be on Aldrige.

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