Jerod Needs a Diet Pill and a New Look...

  • Don’t know diet pills but here’s some nascent attempts at nerds breaking good beyond hoodies and the anti surveillance look.

    Jarrod is style challenged because of over exposure to Dean’s and Roy’s love for the Sears double knit powder blue blazer.

    He is at the right moment and place to take coaching wear and basketball uniforms into the silicon tech geek age. Every warm up needs a Nano pocket and bud routers. Maybe asymmetric warm up sleeve lengths for Steve’s magic bracelet coming to replace the clunky Apple watches. The recruits will love it!!! Embrace the age Jarrod. You look like a geek trapped in a bad suit. The geeks rule where you are. Embrace it!

    Basketball needs a tech nudge from someone other than petroshoeco nobs.

    Hell, Bill, if Jarrod hesitates, you lead the way.

    Buds for everyone!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Quote from my 14 year old son during the game after I tell him the Stanford coach used to play at KU…

    That guy played basketball??

  • @jaybate-1.0 He is still one of us. I am sure Turgeon, Walters, Manning, Boyle, and Haase would love to be the Head Coach at Kansas. Give him time. He will get it together. You make interesting points though, as usual.

  • I may have put on a pound or two myself since I was 22…I LOVE JH - he was one of my favorite Jayhawks of all time and I hope he tears it up wherever he goes. Except when he plays us.

  • @nuleafjhawk we sat behind his bench, his my first choice.

  • Jarod Haase is coming along, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near qualified to coach at Kansas. There are only a handful of coaches I’d like if Bill disappears. Unfortunately the two younger guys I’d like are coaching in the NBA and are not coming back- Brad Stevens and the Mayor. Dickhead from ISU is a reach as he’d never coach for us, but he can coach and he was able to recruit to ISU - he’d do better at KU with more talent. Brad could coach anyone any where, but he’s having too much success at the next level to come back.

    I though Manning would be Bill’s successor if Bill left for the NBA early, but now it’s getting too late as they are both approaching 60. It would be hard to hire any coach at that age and expect more than a temporary fix. KU dosent’ hire basketball coaches for a couple of years, most last over a decade. (All but Larry?) I would take Danny back as the big man coach at any age!!!

    Jacque Vaughn seemed to have it going on, but that has slowed. I hope we don’t have to worry about replacing Bill for at least another decade. And when Bill does retire we have to figure out something to name after him!

  • Let’s see, back in '88 after LB left we were all saying “Roy who?”

  • @Fightsongwriter


    Jarrod not only was a player, he was a twister on wood. He was competitive fury personified and he was unique.

    I’m not down on Jarrod. I seriously think he is a fine coach and think he could be a guy that shakes coaching out of its last gen mentality.

    Every 20-30 years this has to happen. Things are changing scary fast now again. He needs to get out in front and seize the moment.

    I’m not saying he needs to become a mindlessly stylish guy.

    But for his health and for his family, he needs to lean up a little. And he has a chance where he is to connect basketball to not a fad, but to an apparently long term direction of our culture toward things tech. Basketball has to connect to that, or become a lovable anachronism like rugby.

    Basketball is the people’s game.

    It has adapted and reflected who each generation was and what America was becoming my entire life.

    America needs this. The young need this. The old need it.

    Jarrod is a man in the right place at the right time with the right instrument.

    If he doesn’t break the mold some, he’s going to be just another Stanford coach that got too conservative to get it done.

    Trump, whether I like him or not, is a signal that the times they are a-changin’ 2.0.

    The guy just made the obvious moves and the media was so used to how things were and were paid so much to oppose change that they didn’t “get” him.

    No talking head show on TV gets more than 3 million viewers. Add them all up and they probably reach 30-40 million max and more like 10 mil.

    Every time Trump tweeted he had 60 million readers!

    The media actually thought that if they went in the tank for Hillary and Podesta and used mil-int psy-ops techniques of news engineering that they could manufacture consent for her the same as they had done most of my life. And they are so stubborn they are continuing the old think.

    Hillary and the media kept an election close that probably wouldn’t have been if she had not been connected to so much corruption and hidden from direct and virtual contact with voters. She believed too much in the old way.

    It was a lot like 1960. Nixon should have won going away, but he ran a 1950s election against a 1960s opponent–JFK.

    Change, good or bad-- NEVER comes in a landslide.

    Hillary won the popular vote by a slim margin and lost the electoral college by a slim margin. Trump won by the skin of his teeth reputedly with CROSSCHECK to close it out. That’s the classic way America changes. Closely.

    Trump showed that if you used the same mil-int psy ops techniques Hillary did to connect to 60 million instead of 3 million you could keep it close to the end and find a way to close out.

    And Trump is just the start.

    The cyber change everyone has been noting for 25 years is finally hitting people and changing not just how they work, but how they “think” now.

    And Steve’s magic bracelet, or something beyond it is really going to cement this nonlinearly very soon. I can feel it.

    All great technological waves do this eventually.

    Back to Jarrod: I’m just talking about what could be with one of our beloved Jayhawks out at Stanford. Not dogging him. I see potential in him.

    But not everyone can change.

    I believe Jarrod could.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @dylans As of today, I agree that Haase isn’t ready for the KU job, but I still believe Haase will be KU’s next head coach. I believe Self probably has somewhere between 5-10 years left. As long as Haase stays on his current trajectory, he should have Stanford as a very good program every year. The only concern I would have would be UNC. Roy is going to retire very soon and with Haase’s relationship with Roy, him going to UNC is also a possibility and then the question becomes woll he do what Roy did to UNC and turn them down initially. UNC bottomed out hard when that happened and it’s possible Haase could do that to KU as well depending on the timing. The timing has to work out with Roy’s retirement probably happening in the next year or two for Haase to not be a candidate there because I believe Haase will be a viable candidate for a UNC/KU caliber job in the next 3-4 years.

    If Self decided to ride off into the sunset after this year, I would not want Haase yet because he isn’t ready as I said, but I believe he is on a similar career path to Self. He may end up having to stay at the 2nd tier P5 school longer than Self.

    Again, with Haase in the long term, UNC is the potential issue to Haase roaming the sidelines as KU’s next coach. Honestly thougj, I wouldn’t mind if KU did steal Haase from UNC at some point so maybe Roy coaches 3 more years, Slef coaches 10 more years. Haase then gets 4 years to show himself at Stanford, he then gets 7 years to show himself at UNC, and then KU can bring him home just like UNC did with Roy.

    Should KU come open today, I would look at Jay Wright, Tony Bennett, Chris Mack, Randy Bennett, Dana Altman, or even Frank Martin. Brad Stevens isn’t coming back to college any time in tye near future so while he would be an amazing get, it’s not happening because KU isn’t paying more than the NBA does.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 A decade + from now who knows who will be the coach of the future? With rule changes and rule emphasis changes different styles and emerging styles of play may allow for an unforeseen coach being the it guy.

    I first noticed Self when he was at Tulsa. The one game he played (and lost) against KU he made an impression. I was genuinely jealous of their coach, but not the talent at Tulsa. Within weeks I had forgotten until KU signed Bill as their future coach. I imagine KU’s next coach will appear something like that. A hotshot out of the blue with little to no program ties. Unless Tyler has learned a thing or two…

  • @jaybate-1.0 First thing I thought of when I saw Jerrod again was, Damm man you put on some weight!

  • @Lulufulu Selfs no thin guy

  • @jaybate-1.0" the times they are a-changin’ "

    You got that damm right. Kinda sucks that the change has to happen this way. I mean like why cant we be proactive as a species instead of reactive? Its counter intuitive to me.

    Basketball is a parallel to our cultural change as you mentioned in terms of technology advances, Its fascinating.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Of the coaches you mentioned, Dana Altman is 58, Randy Bennett 54 and Jay Wright 55, all older than Bill Self who is 53, so I just don’t see any of them as potential replacements in 5 to 10 years since they all woul be in their 60s, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Hard to think anyone could exude more style than Jay Wright-in-a-suit at NCAA level, just like no one out-styled Pat Riley back in the day. It’s got to come from within to be genuine.

    None of the ex-KU guys have proved they are worthy enough to coach at KU.

    And nobody has mentioned it, but depending on which guy you go after (Roy-disciple or Self-disciple or someone who played for Brown or Owens?)–that may be the style they bring as their foundation. Do you really want Roy’s style of ball? Or Self’s? or Brown’s? This is my biggest beef with Turgeon’s name getting floated around: man, what is he doing? His teams labor to score. His style is not statistically commanding. No one’s is. I have no clue who’d replace Bill Self. It is an absolute possibility that the Tournament attendance streak ends that fateful year after Self rides off…

    And an interesting corollary is: not only who replaces Roy soon at UNC, but what about Krzyzewski’s replacement at Duke? You can only pass out so many times courtside. Matter of time on that search as well. So which candidate gets plucked for those blueblood schools? Who does that leave?

  • And, since we’d kinda like to keep our coach for a lot longer, how about that diet pill for Self, and an appt with Hudy? Give 2 pills a day to Andy Reid also, as well as Charlie Weis and Mark Mangino. Sheesh…

  • @JayHawkFanToo You need to reread what I said then. Those are guys I said I would take if Self decided to move on after THIS YEAR. 5-10 years from now, I think Haase will be ready in 5-10 years and that he should be next coach at that point

  • Why do Blue Blood fans always want coaches who are “part of the family tree”?
    UNC got in trouble with this mindset. They clung on to old man Bill Guthridge a bit long which hurt recruiting. They then brought in Matt Doherty who recruited well but couldn’t coach. Instead of looking EVERYWHERE for someone who could recruit and coach they stuck to the “family tree” and it hurt them. Of course their obsession with the tree was used to guilt Roy into coming in and saving the day.

    Bill Self wasn’t a Jayhawk and one year of grad school didn’t make him one. None of that mattered when he was hired and Kansas did a great job replacing Roy. I hope when the day comes to replace Self that KU looks for the best available coach regardless of his affiliation with Kansas previously.

  • @BigBad

    Heart says: tree.

    Head says: best.


    Humans do silly thjngs sometimes.

    Then they pay for it.

  • @jaybate-1.0 what a bonus if you get both!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    And it can happen. Roy came home and won two rings for UNC.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Maybe he should change his talk shows to a local GNC store or something…

  • @nuleafjhawk or genesis, or Hudy in the background working out the guys while drinking a green smoothie.

  • @BigBad

    Bill Guthridge is a Kansan and a KSU graduate. He learned coaching from Tex Winter as an assistant at KSU. While HC at UNC for 3 seasons, he took the team to 2 Final Fours, was named coach of the year and won a then record 34 games in one season; pretty damn good if you ask me. He was supposed to be the fillin until Williams was ready to move back but when this did not happen, they had to pick an interim coach, Matt Doherty, and then they proceeded to undermine and sabotage him big time to create a crisis and force Roy Williams’ hand…and it worked. What UNC/Smith did to Doherty and KU, his alma matter, was shameful

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I know he was a good coach but recruiting dropped by UNC or blue blood standards. They basically rewarded him for being a Dean Smith loyalist. He was 60 years old and was NEVER a head coach previously. He inherited Vince Carter and Antawan Jamison.

    Funny thing about your post, you point out he is a Kansan. What does that matter? Again coaches should get jobs for what they can produce not where they are form or what school they are affiliated with.

  • @BigBad

    I believe you missed my point. I indicated that he was a Kansas and KSU graduate and also an assistant under a Tex Winter and there is where he learned coaching; he is more of a Tex Winter tree than a Dean Smith tree. Also, you missed the part where I indicated that he was a place holder until a Roy Williams took over, this was pretty much a given. How many coaches do you think would want to take the position knowing they are keeping the seat warm for the person the really want? Guthridge was the perfect choice but unfortunately the schedule did not work as planned and Doherty had to be brought in to pinch hit after Larry Brown, George Karl and Eddie Foggler, all UNC alumni, refused the position since they understood Williams was the one they wanted and then proceeded to undermine, sabotage and finally forced him to resign.

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