Peaking - enjoy the ride

  • I’d hate to be North Carolina right now. They are playing near their peak in November. A college team can’t maintain peak play for an entire season and the post season. Heck, the Warriors couldn’t either!

    I’m glad to see our team have some early season difficulty. Overcoming adversity will make the team better. They will figure out how to play with their backs to the wall. They will figure out how to play together and will grow as the season progresses into a thing of pure beauty. Time, effort, God given talent, and Bill Self are all it takes.

  • Honestly I just think UNC is playing to their talent because they have a lot of veterans. The only position they don’t have experience at is SG. They look like last years KU team. They have very talented freshman coming off the bench and fitting into roles already. Even if Duke gets guys healthy UNC is looking like the best team in the ACC, which I thought anyway.

    I wouldn’t trade places with them but they look like the best team right now.

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    They look like last years KU team.

    This is what I was thinking. They look good early because they aren’t integrating a lot of new parts in key roles. And for the experience that KU does have coming back this season, Selden and Perry were both such huge parts of the team.

  • @BShark

    They also have Pinson out with injury which gives them even more versatility and experience. I think Pinson was their leading assist man, kind of that glue guy every team needs. UNC just seems to be carrying on last years success. I don’t think they are getting enough credit right now,

  • North Carolina looks really good right now. But as we all know, looking good now means squat for making a March run. Example: our 2011-12 team was playing pretty poorly in November and December but improved throughout the year and made a run in March. I wouldn’t want to be in North Carolina’s region though - that’s why a one seed is so important.

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