The Double Knot Spy and the Mysterious Case Of The Missing Frontline

  • Jethro has a Bodine. I know why our frontline sucked. MIA. Non- existent. I know why we had to play zone against a mediocre team from a crummy conference. Here’s the answer: text

    Look at what that travel schedule did to Sparty.

    We are a completely gassed team, and the 11,000 mile trip took a bigger toll on our bigs than our guards. Add in some injuries, new rule changes that light up fouls like a christmas tree, almost no practice for weeks, multiple games in a short period of time, and you have a formula for a frontline abduction to occur.

    The solution is clear…rest, and practice, practice, practice.

  • If that’s the 55th SOS, who’s higher?

  • @wissox No one has played a harder schedule than Michigan St this year, period. Throw in all those miles on top of it, and you’ve got a recipe for Michigan St to start 3-5. I think WSU beats them, along with Dook.


    My question is… how did our bigs get more gassed playing 15 mpg versus our guards playing 35 mpg?

    I think the game has changed a bit for them over last year and our bigs got out of the blocks slow. That has impacted their self-confidence (you can clearly see that) and so they need to get some confidence back.

    The world isn’t falling. We will actually get a lot better from all the struggle. I have more optimism now about our future post play than I had coming into this season because I know our bigs are going to focus hard to get better.


    …and lounge at the ceeeeement pond with some of granny’s hot vittles.

  • @KUSTEVE I might argue Long Beach St. has played a tougher schedule than MSU so far with road games at Wichita St., UNC, Louisville, UCLA, and Washington already. They also come to AFH on Tuesday night so I personally would put their schedule up against anyone so far.

  • Lucas is still who he was last year where he fought underneath with his big body, big butt and superior strength. He hasn’t played against a “Back to the Basket” Big yet. Maten has beaten every other big this year. The rules have changed in the paint this year and what worked for LL isn’t cutting it this year. But yes, he has had some reach-ins that make me grind my teeth. Udoka needs more minutes. When asked, coach said that Doke didn’t play a lot against Georgia because he did not understand zone defense, as played by KU. It worked very well with Colby in the game with his red shirt year of practice. The young teenager is going to be a beast and the next seven games will be his classroom until the Conference begins and the scouting reports by very good Big 12 Coaches will make his head spin.

  • The missing front line has been found…on the bench tonight. Vick and Doke start tonight.

  • Lol the SOS is way off early in the year, according to ESPN UNI has the toughest SOS. Idk how looking at it besides they play Xavier twice with the way it worked out and they are #2 RPI team.

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