Jan 9: JaQuan Lyle visiting KU this weekend.

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  • @JayDocMD You may want to, but he could still end up playing ball at KU next season.

  • You’re right @KirkIsMyHinrich, and I appreciate you posting the info on here. I have previously voiced my concern about his academics and possible behavioral red flags. I’ve also stated my desire to use and develop the perimeter players we have. Then again, Selden could go pro and AW3 and Greene could both transfer and I could change my tune.

  • Wow! Talk about striking timing!!!

    With Greene’s and White’s minutes being screwed down, and possibly ambiguous quotes from White about transfer reported in the media, plus a rumored Tweet or two by Greene, plus Conner suddenly re-emerging, Lyle shows up for a visit.

    I wonder which players Self will assign to show Lyle around?

  • @JayDocMD I’m also seeing red flags with his physical condition. In the article his coach, Rob Fulford, mentions that he may have trouble guarding smaller, quicker guards because he’s not in great shape right now. I have mixed emotions about Lyle coming to KU. I don’t want Greene or White to transfer because KU’s going after a player that may be marginally better. Similarly I don’t want Selden to declare for the draft early because he feels pressured by incoming recruits.

    But on the other hand he could also be a very good player for KU and we may end up needing him depending on what current KU players decide to do.

    Personally I’d rather see White, Greene, Frankamp, players that have spent time at KU and paid their dues, get minutes instead of an incoming recruit. I think Lyle might fit the 2 guard position better than any of those players just based on his physical makeup and skillset, but White, Greene, Frankamp are also capable and I wouldn’t mind any of them playing slightly out of position at the 2 spot. It would also be great if Selden ended up staying another year.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich

    Physical condition is not an issue; all top players are superior athletes and one summer with Andrea will take care of that.

    As far As Selden, if he continues to play the way he did last night he will be gone after this season.

  • Well he must have read my post and been insulted. His visit this weekend is off per Jayhawk Slant via Eric Bossi.

  • Found this. It was on a uk website and I hate to give them any traffic…

    JaQuan Lyle was the hero of Huntington Prep’s victory over Our Savior New American on Thursday night, scoring 23 points and hitting the game-winning free throws.

    He’s also one of the only top-rated players in the Class of 2014 who hasn’t made a college decision.

    Lyle, who decommitted from Louisville in September, was supposed to take his first official visit — to Kansas — this weekend, but that trip had to be postponed. Lyle’s nephew was born a couple of months premature and is scheduled to come home from the hospital this weekend. So he’ll spend the next few days in Indiana with his family before returning to Huntington Prep, which is off until next week.

    Lyle hasn’t rescheduled the official visit to Kansas and has no other trips planned. He said he was unlikely to take any visits until March, when Huntington Prep has finished its season.

    The 6-foot-5 guard mentioned Kansas, Oregon, West Virginia, Providence and Memphis as the schools that are recruiting him the hardest at the moment. He also said that homestate Indiana is no longer an option.

  • @JayDocMD I’m totally blaming you now if Lyle doesn’t pick Kansas. Or thanking you… One of those.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich Guarantee Big Cliff is in his ear too. I’m mixed on Lyle. I guess at this point, I don’t care either way. I really want Turner though too. Black will be gone and Embiid is gone too. However, I was watching that clip with Jalen Rose and both agreed on their talk show that Embiid would be wise to stay another year. In fact they even said Wiggins needs another year too. This is former NBA star, Jalen Rose. It would be nice if Hakeem Olajuwan gave Embiid some advice. Embiid will do what’s right. He’s a smart kid. IF Embiid stays, we don’t get Turner. If he remains the #1 draft pick among centers, it’s almost a given you leave. But, he doesn’t have to at all. No rule or law that says he has to leave. If he wants to work and develop, why not stay another year. Have fun and enjoy another year. I won’t argue with him either way, just so we get Turner if he leaves.

  • I am undecided on Lyle. I like Rashad Vaughn’s upside a little better than Lyle, mostly because I could see Vaughn being one of the best 5 players in that class when it’s all said and done. He has the talent to be an elite level scorer. Lyle is a good player, probably even a very good player. But I can’t see him being an elite level guy on either end. On the other hand, that probably means Lyle would be at KU longer than Vaughn would be.

    Of course, a lot of this will depend on what happens with Greene, White and especially Selden.

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