UAB tomorrow in KC

  • Kansas will play the Blazers in the sprint center tomorrow at 8:30 on ESPN 2 (sigh another late game). Its the opening round of the CBE tournament, that includes KU, UAB, GW and Georgia. To early to tell a whole lot on them they are 2-1 on the season with wins over ARPB and Troy with a lost to Furman. They have a decent big Cokley but prob aint as good as Siena. KU rolls 90-67, the 3 ball goes in for the first time this year.

  • @kjayhawks

    Veteran UAB squad. Lee, another big is a top 100 player that has been just okay during his career. Cokley is probably the only guy that has “your playing KU might as well have a career day” talent.

    I hope we get a good enough lead to rest the guards.

  • Not a big team so this is a game to use Doke as only Lee is an outside threat from their posts. I expect Bragg & Jackson to have big big games in this one.

  • @BeddieKU23 Yes doka must play more than the 7 minutes he did against Siena

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