KU 24, TEXAS NFW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump beating Clinton?

    Not even surprising compared to KU beating Texas…in football.

    Bob Dylan hanging a Literature Nobel?

    Compared to KU beating Texas in football, its like sun coming up.

    Aliens abducting my ass and jacking me 4.2 light years to Proxima Centauri exoplanet B. Ho-hum compared to KU beating Texas…in football.

    No puhhhhlease, don’t fire Beatty if he loses the rest.

    RockChalk, Coach Beatty and his team of football long horn shearers!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Wow, so all those came true! But not all equally shocking.

    Trump? Earth-shaking direction-changing surprise!

    Dylan? No one knew he was even in the running!

    KU Texas? Had to happen sometime (see Chaminade vs #1 UVa)!

    You abducted by aliens? Nah…no story there! 👽

  • @mayjay


    Meme convergence of Paul Craig Roberts, FW Engdahl. Peter Lee. PM Abe. Duterte. Putin. Trump. Pompeo. Bannon. Pepe the Frog. KEK Aliens. Tractor Beams. Proxima Centauri B. Space X. Joule. Abedin. Lolita Express. Core and Gap. Barnett. ALT Now. @mayjay. 👀

    Oooooh My!

  • @jaybate-1.0 For real! NFW!!!

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