Let's see/ please dont laugh to hard

  • Ok. I know this is probably out - - way out in left field, but at least it will get your Friday of to a chuckle. - Ok, the question is:

    Is there ANY possible even the slightest - -teensy - - -weensy - - microscophic - - -snowball’s chance in hell, that we would have any kind of a chance of a pot to pee in of possibly ,still having a chance of luring Trae Young to come play for KU?

    Not sure WHY I’m even asking, maybe for the comedy I know, and NO I haven’t touched my pipe and or been nipping at the bottle this morning lol, I know it looked really, really crazy even when I was typing. The only reason I even BEGAN to think about maybe, like in as maybe like getting hit by a truck, I thought well you know with what it’s looking more and more like Quade Green might be landing at Kentucky - - -Then - - - - Possibly? I mean I think the longer he waits to decide, and he has said he isn’t announcing till spring, well yes that pretty much leaves him with Oklahoma or KU - - If Quade does go to Kentucky I just can’t see it - -I just can’t, both going to Kentucky. So that means chances are he lands at Oklahoma - - BUT if he holds out till the spring to announce, has some more time to think about it - - -maybe somehow he comes in again on an in-official during the season here catches a game- - -I know he has been here several times in the past. I just think if he watches during the season again, assuming Greene does commit to UK which I think he will, I think he is going to announce his decision tomorrow night I read, - -watches our team - -the atmosphere and such – -ehh, MAYBE? - - MAYBE? - - -hell I’m just blowin smoke up my own ass I know but hey doesn’t hurt to dream.

    Ok NOW all my site room buddies can suggest some good meds I could get on for delusional thinking or maybe a good physc hospital lol. - - -have a great day guys - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • We want Green to UK and OU to have a bad season.

  • @jayballer54 I don’t think it is written in stone yet by any means. He is a very late Spring signee based on what I can tell. All depends on who leaves and stays.

    Does UK get exploited and Fox and Briscoe are both back? DraftExpress, which is consistently the most reliable mock, has Fox at the end of the lottery and Briscoe not being drafted. If Fox struggles for a stretch of the season, he could easily be back. Especially if teams exploit his bad jumpshot. That would mean 2 NBA level PGs already on UK. And they just swiped a committ from Florida. So 3 PGs on the roster already at that point.

    If that happens, well it comes down to us or OU. That is it. DG is a non-factor if you ask me. I think it is whether or not he wants to get better by getting pushed or get better by more PT. Whether he wants a very good shot at a NC or he wants a 1/1000 shot at one.

    I think we have about at 20% chance at this point. But just keep an eye on Fox and Briscoe all season and that will give you a better answer.

  • @Kcmatt7 Well I dunno maybe not as a bizarre thought as what I thought at first. - - Been reading a little more and hearing from some that follow that all the talk is which makes sense that NO WAY will Greene and Young both end up at Kentucky. - -Soo which would leave us at between OU & KU just have to wait and see - Quade again I think is announcing tomorrow - -we shall see - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

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