Kansas vs Duke...anybody going...predictions??

  • Tickets sold out same day but now some are available through other ticket outlets.

  • Plan on going, just waiting on the tickets. Anyone get theirs yet?

  • I’m looking at sections in the second level and see tickets around 6-800. Trying to think of a good story/excuse to tell the wife as to why I’m suddenly going to Chicago three times this month, instead of just twice!!

  • I’m not near Chi-town, but I was really looking forward to buying some tickets to the CU-KU game here in boulder. I logged on Oct 15th when the tickets went on sell and low and behold to buy KU or Arizona tickets you have to be a donor. All other games you can buy tickets.

  • My wife was looking at the cost of tickets for the Texas game in Austin Feb 1st. She thought the red zone tickets were $40 maybe? This sounds too low to me. What am I missing?

  • @careful_you: maybe the price has something to do with it being in the red zone?

    Just messing, Texas sucks. That’s why.

  • I went last year. Less that a week ahead of time I paid 100 each for our seats, seven rows from the court at the 3 point line. 40 higher up sounds right. UT isn’t doing well so demand is down- also saw a good deal of Jayhawk fans there.

  • This is going to be a very early game for a fairly young team.

    That being said, I think Naadir and Perry are going to be the main reason we either win or lose this game. I’m also interested to see who get Parker the most, Wiggins or Ellis. I know Parker plays the 4 and Wiggins the 3, but Wiggins WANTS to test himself against Parker.

  • I’m thinking Wiggins shows up in a big way for this game. The knock on him has been his motor. Some say that’s because he takes it easy against weak opponents, so I would think he should do well in this game at least.

  • If the refs call the game according to the new rule changes Duke is in big trouble. As Duke made a living off flopping or sliding under at the last second. KU might not be the defensive beast they’ve been in years past but look for an explosion in points scored. I can’t think of a KU team that has had the offensive fire power this team has. Even the future bench players won’t be just stealing minutes but have the potential to bury a opponent. Lets call it shock and all.

  • My gut says KU. Both teams have similar experience levels to start and the game could hinge on Wigs vs Parker. Advantage KU

  • want to go to Chicago, would be blast.

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