• Royals have picked up options on Wade Davis $10 mil & Escobar 6.5 mil, and declined Medlens mutual option. Davis will be a free agent next year.

    Morales and Volquez have turned down their mutual offers. 30 homers gone. Both are 33 years old.

    Danny Duffy is talking extension. I didn’t recognize him, he needs to grow the beard back.

    Giants are interested in Greg Holland.

  • Greg Holland for Madison Bumgarner, sure!

  • @dylans that would be one hell of a trade but I think Holland is a free agent.

  • @Ralph crud, I thought he was under contract for another year.

  • @dylans Royals didn’t re-sign him since he had TJ surgery late 2014 and he was in re-hab this year. However the Royals would like to get him again. He’s supposed to “showcase” within a week so teams can see how he’s doing.

  • @brooksmd They’ve also declined the option on Luke Hochever for 2017. DM is tightening up the purse strings to pay others that will soon be FA’s, to potential extensions or long term deals. Sure hope not but this team may only be a skeleton of our 2015 WS winner when the waters part in 2018.

  • @brooksmd I hope we get holly

  • @globaljaybird Lightfoot kid had a pretty good game tonite if you didn’t get to see it. 12 pts I think.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @globaljaybird Blackhawks honor Cubs WS Championship.


  • @Ralph time to blow it all up and rebuild the farm system.

    Trade Davis, Hosmer, Esky and Cain before the deadline this year (providing we aren’t in the playoff hunt) and get as big of a haul as we can. If we can unload Gordo’s contract, I wouldn’t be opposed to that either. Free up “cap” space and rebuild. We have enough mediocre talent to make us look competitive until the new talent arrives. This way we can start a sustainable farm system.

    I mean imagine the haul for those guys.

    Davis - 3 high level prospects Hosmer - 3 high level prospects Cain - 3 high level prospects Esky - 1 high potential, low level project. Gordo - 1 high level prospect Morales - Compensatory Pick - 1st round Volquez - Compensatory Pick - 1st round

    It will leave our lineup with something like:

    • CF - Dyson .275 3 HR.
    • 3B - Cuthbert .280 15-20 HR
    • DH/1B - Moose .250 25 HR
    • DH/1B - Dozier .250 15-20 HR
    • C - Salvy .250 20 HR
    • RF - Orlando .275 5 HR
    • 2B - Merrifield .250 5 HR
    • LF - Burns .270 1 HR
    • SS - Mondesi .225 5 HR

    To me, that is a competitive lineup made for Kauffman stadium. Not a World Series roster, but a lot of speed should do ok in our ball park. Maybe a 75 win team with a lot of home wins. And honestly a team with room to grow. That roster would have 6 of 9 players under 30. As some of those guys mature and come into their own we will have the money to resign them to Long-Term deals. Especially after we get our new TV money.

    Of course, we still have to resign a 32 year old Dyson for this to fully take shape. I mean Burns could move to CF and Dozier to LF and we can find a DH/1B guy somewhere. But ultimately, we need to rebuild our farm system and really develop some guys for the future. The last time we traded away a major piece, it was Greinke and we got Esky, Caine and Davis and a World Series from it. So don’t snub trade talk immediately. It really is important for small market clubs to move pieces when they are going to yield the highest return.

  • @Kcmatt7 no qualifying offer for Morales or Volquez just letting them walk. I’m with you on the rest. I would even be OK with trading them all this winter if we Dayton got what he wanted. I can live with a couple of average years, ì just don’t want another 30 years of bad.

  • @Ralph Oh 100% agreed. Personally, I think you have to let them all play right up until the deadline. This group could win another WS next season if the cards fell right.

    Hosmer still has 30 HR potential. Moose has 30 HR potential. Cain has 25 HR potential. Gordo has 25 HR potential. Salvy has 25 HR potential.

    This team could honestly be an offensive juggernaut if we actually got everyone firing on all cylinders for a season.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’d like great years from just a couple of these guys during the same season & 25-30 would likely qualify for "great’. But “if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump its ass when it hopped”. Not likely to keep Cain-injured too much for big bucks, but don’t give up on Hos or Moose signing an extension just yet.They picked up Esky & Davis options today. Should they not get that accomplished very soon it may be an advantage to move them (Hos-Moose) before the season is over. Mid season may get a decent trade or FA comp pick. Is too early to blow it all the way up just yet, unless you get some high quality personnel & not just hot air from the trades.

  • @globaljaybird @brooksmd Zobrist on jimmy kimmel tonight

  • @globaljaybird

    Hosmer, Moose and Salvy will be the foundation of whatever team the Royals assemble.

  • @JayHawkFanToo be nice but that’s half the payroll on 3 guys.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I would bet my next paycheck that Hosmer is not going to be a Royal after next season.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Hosmer is the face of the franchise; he will finish his career with the Royals.

  • @JayHawkFanToo With Boras as his agent, I seriously seriously doubt that. If he repeats his 25 HR and 100 RBI performance we are looking at a 10 year 200-250 mil contract.

  • @Kcmatt7 He wants to stay but yeah I agree with you. He’s likely a goner because of who his agent is. Although Boras has allowed some players to stay where they are. Cole Hamels (before he was ultimately traded) and Cliff Lee in Philly for example.

  • @HawkInMizery Yea but Philly has money to spend. They even opened this season with the 9th highest payroll.

    Those guys you mentioned were signed in the midst of a World Series potential team. Utley, Howard, Lee, Oswalt, Hammels, Halladay, Rollins, Pence, etc.

    That payroll is still biting them in the ass too… FINALLY were able to get rid of all of those hefty contracts.

  • @HawkInMizery life w/out Hoz?😭

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    While teams have to look at budgets, they also have to make sure they do not lose the fan base. Losing Hosmer, Moose and Salvy would have huge backlash from the fan base and alienate it big time.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Salvy is locked up until he is in his 30s. He isn’t going anywhere.

    Moose I do believe we can and will bring back at a reasonable cost based on his career average and ACL injury.

    Hoz’s current projected contract is a 7 year contract at $19.2 million a season. This is based off 1B who were similar ages and put up similar numbers and the contracts that they received. I tend to think that his defense and overall athleticism will up his price. Boras does an amazing job at getting extra years out of contracts too.

    We cannot, as a small market club, spend $20 million on a player per season for 10 years unless they are the second comings of George Brett or Zach Greinke. It will handicap us too much. Any true fan will not take that as a slap in the face as long as we get a good value in return for him. If the offers aren’t there, obviously keep him and do what we can to resign him. All I can say is I see 10+ clubs that will be interested in his services and winning that bidding war won’t be easy or cheap.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Hosmer has indicated that he would like to stay in KC, so he might be able to stay for a lower salary than he would get somewhere else. I am not saying that he will but it is possible; at some point, players that are well ofF will choose to play in place where they are comfortable and that will contend.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Just saw on BR that Dayton says the Royals “have a definite interest in re-signing Morales.”

  • @brooksmd yankees, Jays and red Sox are also looking at him. Everything I’ve read about Morales said he loved it here. If it comes down to a bidding war we’ll find out how much.

    Dillon Gee and Daniel Nava also opted for free agency today, not the loss that Morales is.

  • @brooksmd

    I saw that. Kendris has had a good run with the Royals but he is getting close to the end of his career; a 3 year contract is likely the best offer he will get.

  • I don’t think you can keep Moose and Hoz post 2017. Depending on where the Royals are at the trade deadline, if you had to trade one, I’d trade Hoz. He would probably net the most return, and for all the talk Hosmer gets, his numbers are a little underwhelming.

  • Salvy wins his 4th consecutive Gold Glove. He is the only Royals GG winner this year.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 i know i’m not thrilled about it either ughhhhh

  • Morales to Toronto, three years, $33M.

  • That’s tough. I was hoping Royals will be able to sign him. It will be interesting to see how DM now plan for DH position.

  • @AsadZ If the Royals did nothing their payroll will increase by about 15 million after arbitration and they want to decrease payroll. All I can see is dump everyone and start over. The 8 million for Infante really hurts.

    arbitration estimates look with the current committed salaries


  • What about cheslor?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 return of Moose puts him back to Omaha, but Dayton said he could be an alternative to Morales with Cain and Salvy batting on their days off.

  • @Ralph Don’t know if you’ve seen these trade scenarios or not, but they are at least, interesting to explore. The author did some homework, yet I’m not sure of his accuracy. The more I think about it, I wonder if that Gordon contract may have been Mr Glass’s call & DM just had do it. It hurts maneuverability a lot, as does Omar. If OA signs with someone, how much of his salary to we still have to pay? Also I don’t know squat about most of these guys personalities. As good as it looks on paper, these dudes live & work together 6 - 7 months a year.

  • @Ralph IMO that not having Moose in the dugout this season hurt this team a lot - probably a whole lot more than we’ll ever know.

  •^tfw Kansas City Royals ‏@Royals 7h 7 hours ago Happy 105th Birthday, Buck! We miss our friend and one of the greatest ambassadors the game of baseball has ever known.

  • @brooksmd & @Crimsonorblue22 Just off da ticker…Last years opening day starter Edinson Volquez signs free agent deal with Marlins at 2 years 22 mil… That’s a helluva bargain for a guy that can give you 175 innings per year. I say sign him for that & take your chances cause you still have all your core guys for at least one more year. if ya aint in it at the all star break, then you can resign yourself to a fire sale. Could quite easily be the last hurrah or another AL Central Title. We’re playin with house money till 2017-ya gotta give it your last shot.

  • @globaljaybird I thought he stunk last year

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Quite true miss lady, but he didn’t have the best of seasons following the colossal WS victory season when he lost his father & biggest supporter on live television & real life before the ultimate judgmental world. But this guy has jurrasically sized cahonies ready for the ultimate rebound, plus, he’s only abt 31-32 yrs old which can be a millennium in sports terms What a pup…hard to recall when I was there, but not only was it good … it was ALL good. Gotta put it in perspective to our posts going forward.

  • @wissox I recall you, or another sox fan once said that Chris Sale is untouchable as a trade target, ,but that no longer seems to be true. This copy is from today’s MSN Sports: “There is an active trade market for White Sox ace lefty Chris Sale, but a high asking price is holding things up for now. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, five teams are leading the pack for Sale: Washington, Houston, Texas, Boston, and Atlanta. However, the asking price is said to be very high, with Chicago asking Washington for star rookie Trea Turner in preliminary discussions.”

    That type of trade is exactly how KC acquired 2 Gold Glove starters for there 2 time AL & WS Championships teams. It was Zack Grienke for Lo Cain & Alcedes Escobar. Sometimes these things work well & others not so well. This season KC will be faced with having about 8 guys in the final year of contract, so maybe Moore can turn this thing over again with Whit, Mondesi, Bonaficio & Cuthbert ready for the next step. Realistically I think he can only afford to keep Esky & Moose, & will part with Hoz, Cain & Davis, Teams are also inquiring abt Dyson who will be a FA in 2018 also. I’m thinkin Moore will wheel & deal starters for arms this time around-he just let Volquez go for appx 11 mil & he is good for an avg of 30 starts & 180 innings per.

  • @globaljaybird I’d be ok with a Sale trade provided it fills some holes with guaranteed young prospects.

  • @wissox Its what the royals did and it got them a World Series.

    If you aren’t ready to win, get the biggest package you can for a guy that you’d otherwise pay $25m a year. Which, personally, I don’t think anyone is worth that amount of money. Not with the risk of injury and easy risk of underperformance due to lack of motivation at that point. If you can get a huge package from Sale, do it. But as a Royals fan, I hope you don’t trade him and use the rest of his good years with an average team.

  • @brooksmd Don’t look now but at the winter meetings the Cubbies are trying to nail down the Royals on a deal for Wade Davis… rumored for Soler. Not quite done yet-the link:

  • Here’s another link to the continued story about the progression of blockbuster trades from this year’s Winter meetings-link:

  • I hope this deal happens.

  • @Ralph Thanks Ralph.

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