KUSports: Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll

  • Bill Self can’t comment on specific recruits in accordance with NCAA rules.

    Kansas University’s 11th-year basketball coach can, however, speak in generalities about the fact that he and his powerhouse sales staff of Kurtis Townsend, Norm Roberts and Jerrance Howard have been on a hot streak in the pursuit of top players.

    “We are involved with more high-level guys than what we’ve been involved with before,” Self acknowledged.

    This year’s freshman class, for example, is headlined by Rivals.com’s No. 1 player…

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  • I still think we have a strong shot at Alexander, but the fact that he is making his announcement on ESPN suggests we should be at least a little cautious with our hope of landing him. No word on if there will be hats, but if there are, we all know what that means.

  • My guess is we only land 1 big guy to go along with Oubre. I would say we land Alexander and not the other bigs. My main reason is he seems like he has been a KU lean for awhile and his other schools that he has listed are not quite as top tier as the other recruits with the exception of MSU. If we get one of these top 5 post players to go with Oubre and all of the guys who are going to return that is probably all we will need.

  • Joel- I think we have a great chance at Turner and a fair chance at Okafor. You may be right, but I think we land Alexander and possibly Okafor and a huge chance of landing Turner.

  • I agree slaterman. I always get nervous when a kid says hes announcing on national TV. We never get those guys. If I remember correctly he has cut Kentucky so if he does pull the hat thing it won’t be to go to Kentucky. I think he does seem to lean toward KU though

  • Miyagi says hats are for heads, not for choices. Alexander son needs to close eyes, wipe mind clean, everything but KU. Nothing exists, whole world…only KU. Open eyes and remember ONLY KU!

  • Mr Miyagi Zenn Master!

  • Based on the info so far, here’s the 2013-2014 lineup: (# after name = expected minutes.) 1 Tharpe 30 Junior 2 Selden 30 Frosh 3 Wiggins 30 Frosh 4 Ellis 30 Soph 5 Black 25 Senior

    6 AAW 15 Soph 7 Martin 10 Frosh 8 Embiid 15 Frosh 9 Greene 5 Frosh 10 Traylor 5 RS Soph 11 Lucas 5 RS Frosh 200

    If we jump ahead one year, it may look like this: 1 Tharpe 30 Senior 2 AAW 30 Junior 3 Oubre 30 Frosh 4 Ellis 30 Junior 5 Embiid 25 Soph

    6 Martin 15 Soph 7 Greene 15 Soph 8 Traylor 5 RS Junior 9 Lucas 10 RS Soph 10 Connor 5 Soph 11 Mickel 5 Junior 200

    The key in year 2 is whether Embiid goes. Given what Self has been saying, it seems like a distinct possibility. But I struggle with the recruiting of the PG Jones, who would somehow leapfrog a senior leader and probable captain (Tharpe) as well as a promising recruit already on the team? Doesn’t seem likely.

    Center is much more straightforward - we’ll need a top talent if Embiid goes.

  • sorry, formatting didn’t quite translate…

  • @Crassus: Mason, not Martin.

    I also think J. Traylor will play more minutes, especially early while J. Embiid is learning the ropes.

  • @Kip Got to laugh. It’s too good of a break.

    Martin is not Traylor. 🙂

  • @Wishawk: Ha! Got to laugh at my self on that one!!! My wife would kill me if she knew I got his name wrong.

  • isnt this the second time in four years KU has gotten the number one recruit in the country?.. selby and wiggins?

  • maybe a few of us can volunteer to do a live updated of games like they did at ku sports… i for one would be willing to volunteer to do some games

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