Kansas revenue generation

  • On another note I wonder what the true value of a good football team is? $50 million per year? Alabama pulled in 95 million in 2015.

    $95,000,000 Alabama football $23,000,000 Kansas football

    What could Kansas athletics do with a spare $73 million?

    Offer Nick Saban, Urban Myer, or Harbaugh $15 million per year. Hell $20 million if KU makes the playoffs if that’s what it takes! KU currently investes 1/2 million per year in the head coach of what should be the universities top money maker.

    That would be one heck of an investment to turn $23 million in revenue into 93 with a 20 million dollar hire,

  • It was a great run in the late 2000’s when we had ranked teams in both sports. Made for a crowded sports viewing schedule because of my Badger affiliation too.

    Dream big @dylans!! Let’s give Nick his next challenge! His ego is so big, he might actually relish an opportunity to turn a school program around. I mean, what’s left for this man? He’s going to win another championship this season. He needs a new challenge!

  • I think KU may be chasing the wrong advertising dollars also. Think about how crowded athletic shoe marketing is. Now spread those dollars around to everyone in sports. Look at how much money  makes in a year- around $50 billion per quarter. I think Kansas basketball could be a great place to advertise your wares! Slap an  symbol on the jersey- that ought to be w0rth a billion or so!!!

  • @dylans We DESPERATELY need the football program to turn around. But the catch 22 is that you have to put money into facilities in order for us to do that. It is what some financial wizards call an “investment.”

    I like the new lockerroom. Good start. Next, maybe a paint job in Memorial? Or a remodeling of it? A bit of an eye sore. Or, perhaps, a $20m dorm with bells and whistles like the bball team got? If in fact that was the reason we were to land players and get to a 7 or 8 win team, it would literally pay for itself.

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