UNC's Academic Fraud Case

  • Article is long, but does give an overview of where things at/or lack their of at this moment. At this point if they keep it from page 1 news this might just go away without anyone knowing.

    The latest is the NCAA rejects UNC’s response to their amended watered down Notice of Allegations. Oh the big bad wolf just barked back!

    The only people who will ever win this case are the Lawyer’s that get paid. Anyone expecting Justice for the sham classes etc will be getting a rude awakening


  • No wonder that Larry Brown got himself in hot water once more. He must have figured, while watching this NC case, that the governing body had become a shilly-shally outfit, powerless to do anything about just about anything…if a member institution was willing to cough up necessary dollars for “expert” legal support. It might be posited that KU felt pretty much the same when at least $100,000 of someone’s money was laid out to counter the Diallo eligibility situation.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Como se dice: “make the world safe for Big Shoe” and “Mike’s gettin’ a leeeeetle too big, lets see how he likes a little regime change”?

  • UNC gamed the system with impunity and gained an unfair advantage over it rivals. I would like to see the NCAA throw the book at them. Any substantial sanctions to the basketball program will likely result in the retirement of Coach Williams; not the way I would like to see him go but he had to have known about it and did nothing.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Kinda looks as though UNC’s “gaming system” was a bit bigger than Dean and Ol’ Roy, perhaps even mightier than the reach of NCAA jurisprudence. Seems to have taken media attentions and national public disdain finally to have shut it down, or at least pretty much brought it to heel. Roy’s reported fraudulent Championships are likely to survive.

  • Air Jordan vs Nike?

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