• In a few weeks, Big 12 preseason picks by major media outlets will be published. Three have already been offered. Bleacher Report, SB Nation and ESPN have released their picks. Here are BR and SB nation. I’m presenting only two, because I can’t afford ESPN Insider.

    Other than Kansas and Baylor, these two are very different. I don’t know what to make of these differences.


    1. Kansas

    2. Texas

    3. Baylor

    4. ISU

    5. OU

    6. TT

    7. WVU

    8. TCU

    9. OSU

    10. KSU

    SB Nation

    1. KU

    2. ISU

    3. Baylor

    4. Texas

    5. WVU

    6. OU

    7. OSU

    8. TT

    9. KSU

    10. TCU

    This will much clearer once the Non-Conference is done.


  • I can’t see Huggins or Kruger letting their teams drop that far.

  • Me neither. I think WVU and ISU will be our stiffest competition. The one poll is giving Smart too much credit…but we will see.

  • Iowa State returns the most talent for teams outside of KU. Not sure about WVU. If my memory serves me correctly, we have a losing streak at both places. Got to change that this year.

  • Benton Smith Little surprise: Big 12 coaches picked #kubball to win league

    1. KU
    2. WVU
    3. Texas
    4. ISU
    5. Baylor
    6. OU
      tie-7. OSU/TT
    7. K-State
    8. TCU


  • Oklahoma is really going to struggle. They cannot replace what Hield, Cousins & Spangler gave them. 6 is probably right, maybe even too high for what they lost.

    Iowa St will hang around from their guard play as @HawkChamp said. They are so small, they don’t have a guy over 6’8 who is eligible to play (Kasongo is a Transfer, Lard is at JC trying to get grades up). Holden & Bowie weigh the same as Svi & Jackson. Not exactly what I call the 2nd best team in the league but Morris, Thomas & Long will keep them in games.

    I think West Virginia & Baylor will fight for 2nd place. I think Baylor’s top 7 is the most talented outside of KU. We love to knock Scott Drew but they return enough pieces to be good. West Virginia still has 7 guys who played big minutes last year. Their style of play will keep them in games

  • @BeddieKU23 isu has that transfer big from last year too, burton. I thought he was fairly decent,

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    He is good, a real bruiser and he was the type of guy that gave us fits last year.

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