If you can't log in

  • Email me from the email account you used for your account and I will reset your pw for you.


  • @approxinfinity You know, you could just do this on purpose every year or so. We might all think we are in a Groundhog Day cycle when we wake up! And maybe in one of the iterations we break through like Bill Murray finally did, and two of Frank’s or Waynes’s or Perry’s shots go in!

    In all seriousness, thank you for working on all of this so hard all the time. For a free site with so much to offer, we are indeed a lucky group of members.

    We can survive a glitch now and then. It would be much harder to not have Buckets!

  • @mayjay 😄 my favorite movie.

    Thanks man. In this case, I attribute the problem to that I planned to do the usual upgrades over the Summer and then slacked on it. I feel bad for disrupting the football guys, and for losing status points for ppl. This should never happen again with the mongo writes being immediate once we are converted.

    I also will upgrade the board to latest of all looks good. Hopefully we get some new bells and whistles to play with.

  • @approxinfinity Well, one good thing is I am sure many of us are looking at our own neglected backups… Get well, BTW. We need you!

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