Read at your own risk...head might explode...

  • Interesting article not quite one year old that proves that the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence…some posters might actually have a conniption…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Amazing the difference a single year can make in terms of perception. A Final Four run this year for KU likely removes the bitter taste from many a mouth for a few years. A NCAA championship for KU this year, and sculptors will be submitting bids to the university to work on the Bill Self statue.

    I don’t even want to contemplate the aftermath of something else at this point because I have enough other BS to be upset about.

  • One problem here – the article’s premise is comparing Coach K to Coach Self, and the article claims that coach K wasn’t he best coach in CBB over the last 10 years.

    But the article is from February 11, 2015. You know, a little under three months before Coach K WON THE NATIONAL TITLE. Good Grief. You even cite that it’s one year old and thus seem to ignore the monumental event that occurred last spring that would alter the entire premise of the article.

    Just another example of the red herring (conniption comment) that is pervasive amongst a few. The same few that get angry (in varying degrees and frequency) at posters for having the gall to discuss KU strategy.

  • @HighEliteMajor No need to yell. He points out it’s an old article. Sorry it throws your world view into such a tizzy. Why do you hate Bill so? A year ago Bill Self had the best decade. A year later the numbers favor coach K. So BIll has the second best decade currently running. Seems like something to be proud about if you are a loyal KU supporter. Clearly KU didn’t win 10 NC in a row so there is room for Improvement, but dang enjoy the moment before it’s gone.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Good call on the conniption fit…

  • @dylans Don’t think HighEliteMajor hates Bill, only pointing out the repeated mistakes that has cost KU dearly. Self is a great coach no doubt. He can be elite if he becomes more adaptable & play to the strengths of his team.

  • @dylans False narrative.

    Here’s the recycled dynamic we deal with here – Folks discuss, analyze a game, and critique Self. Certain folks then translate that to mean that those that discuss Self and his decisions don’t think he’s a good coach or that they “hate” him. Those same folks, in their single focus minds, create a false narrative that because there is discussion, analysis and criticism that those who participate “hate” him or think he’s a poor coach; and, as @JayHawkFanToo did above, that any mention of Self being good coach would cause some sort of distress. @sfbahawk was the leader of the false narrative yesterday.

    Personally, I think that those who create this false narrative do so because that is how their minds work – if they criticize someone that equates to “hating” them.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I like Bill Self, but I would trade Coach K’s results with Coach K’s in an instant. Of course Coach k had a head start and maybe, hopefully by the time he’s done Bill Self will be his equal. But for now, I’d take 5 titles in the last 3 decades over our 2.

  • @wissoxfan83 you get coach k w/his results. Take him.

  • @dylans sorry to hear about your single focused mind! Mines that way too. I also don’t read and … The list goes on!

  • @AsadZ if he’s such a great coach he wouldn’t repeatedly make mistakes, don’t you think?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I said I’d take his results, not him! To be honest, his program has really been cloud free (as much as I can recall). Sure we despise the apparent favor Duke receives from officials, Dicky V, etc, but that’s not his fault as much as it is the people who give in to him.

  • @HighEliteMajor Yelling at someone for posting an article supporting “your” coach…Hmmm I’ve got issues.

    I don’t understand why you can’t enjoy a positve article. When some one posts about emotion you shoot them down with statistics. Someone posted an article with statistics to prove “your” coach is good, but now he doesn’t pass the eye test.

    I understand there is such thing as constructive criticism. It’s how you get better. The problem is you are just venting at this point. It’s not constructive. It’s even leading to outright attacks on other posters like @crimsonorblue22 yesterday. This doesn’t do anything for discussion either.

  • Got an idea: Let’s win the national championship, so Self can beep ahead of Ratso.

  • @KUSTEVE I like it!

  • @dylans Where do you get this yelling thing from? And who says I didn’t enjoy it? Personally, I’d take our record third over last 10 years, behind Duke and UConn. UNC’s 2005 title would not be in that calculation.

    And come one, someone didn’t just post a year old positive article about coach Self. The poster posted it with a purpose evidenced by the “conniption” comment.

    Again, you use words like “venting” and “attack” to try to discredit the substance of what I have said – all without really doing anything to discredit the substance of what I’ve said.

    This is all part false narrative stuff I said above.

    I don’t care what you think of my post to @Crimsonorblue22. If this is an “attack”, we need to shut this place down. Silly even responding to your comment. I was disagreeing and challenging her position which I view as being flawed. Such is the nature of debate. If you’re not up for it, then you’re not up for it. If you are, then you are.

  • @HighEliteMajor How is it that you know why someone posted something?

    Oh they used a word and therefore in your all knowing never wrong state of mind you know what they were conveying with their post.

    Why is it when you are questioned or called out we don’t grasp what you are saying. But when we stand up for someone we are blind because we don’t question them?

  • @HighEliteMajor All caps is 100% the only way to yell in text adding bold turns it into screaming. That is what I was referencing.

    Your comment yesterday was out of left field. It wasn’t in the flow of conversation and was simply an attack to make yourself feel big. It is a typical KSU tactic.

  • I’ve followed the kusports and now buckets board since 2009. This same argument has been ongoing since then. In fact, this same premise and sentiment seems to hijack nearly every discussion thread: Who Self should be playing, who shouldn’t be playing. It goes back to the Morninstar/EJ debate, carried through to Cliff and now Diallo & Bragg. It’s quite tiring and boring. The reason I come to the board, beyond basic interaction, is to hear about technical strategy. Once in while there will be talk about Z cuts and how to break a press and discussion about flashing, and screens, and how to use the hi/low more effectively. There is discussion of the history of the game, and how the coaching trees and branches are connected. There will be unique terminology coined such as “pushing off the spots” and the “disruption statistic.” This information is what I like to read about because I become a better, more knowledgeable BB Fan. And you just never know what you might learn about beyond basketball from some the posters here. There is a lot of talent and education among the Board Rats as JB calls them. But, by and large, a majority of the discussions center on topics just like this one. I see it as a waste, but, then again, we are entitled to our own preferences and passions.

  • The 'angry few" are out en masse. I would suggest you give each other a collective hug. Mean old @HighEliteMajor is making life rough again. Tissue anyone?

  • @HighEliteMajor just a heads up. You are not God. You have flaws as well.

    Sorry you feel ganged up on. But you have a way that you underhand people’s post and knowledge of the game.

    What makes you better than the rest of us? I mean if you were such a great coach why aren’t you coaching now? Why aren’t you consulting somewhere with your vast coaching greatness?

    How do you know what others do or do not know about the game?

    Just as I do not know what your experience is, you don’t know what others is either.

  • KUSports commenters are laughing at us now.

  • @JRyman You do need a hug.

  • @wissoxfan83 Yes, I would suggest we avoid turning into that (although I think we’re far from it still), because that place has turned into an absolute cesspool.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    @JRyman You do need a hug.

    Nope not a tissue.

    Just tired of the high and mighty BS.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 LOL, let the dumbshit status fall on me, it’s ok I’m a big boy, umm no you by far are not a dumbshit, there are some people in here that just don’t grasp it, or try to, your fine. ROCK CHAL;K ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JRyman Agree 100%. This is what I have posted many, many times here, if there are so many in here that is better at coaching then why didn’t they apply for the position when we had a vacancy? I mean I’m sure the group that was doing the interviewing would of just wet all over themselves when these select ones came in and they saw what a gem we had found. It’s so much easier to sit back on our sofa, or recliner with beer in hand and yell at the TV, and Coach and swear and say what the hell you doing, why doesn’t he make adjustments. These kinds of people are classic , so WHY aren’t you Coaching at the College level HighEliteMajor ? obviously you have unbelievable knowledge, so why you here on this board instead of recruiting, and preparing for your next coaching gig? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Banned

    OK don’t throw bricks at me.

    However I’m not sure the link that was posted by @JayHawkFanToo was merely to pay homage to Coach. I would assume he’s trying to make a point. Which is fine and he has every right to do. Whether you agree with him or not it his right, as @kubuckets is a free forum.

    It would seem there is a divide or chasm being created here on @kubuckets, and maybe hitting a boiling point. Hell maybe I’m to blame?

    Yet for those that trust in Coach understand that just because a poster or KU fan questions what coach is doing doesn’t mean they or that person hates Coach. That is kind of taking things to the extreme.

    I’ve read many of @HighEliteMajor comments and so have you. He has giving just as much praise to coach if not more, than he questions what he is doing. In fact remember after the MSU game when a lot of posters were calling for Coach’s job. It was indeed @HighEliteMajor that was the calming voice. You may not like him and you may not agree with him, but I assure you he is not a hater of Coach.

    The old saying goes there are leaders and there are followers. I would like to add if I may then there are people that are willing to follow they just want to know where the hell they are going. Some fans will never question what coach or any KU coach is doing. Then there will be those fans that say hey wait a minute. It doesn’t mean one is right or that one is wrong.

    To basketball and this topic. I touched on the this with @jayballer54 in another topic. As he felt unjustly called him out. In retrospect maybe I was wrong? Yet here is my point. To many KU fans want to compare wins, loses and successes. I understand it’s apart of the game and human nature. Yet it’s more likely the dumbest way to do it.

    For instance after KU lost to WVU I read more than one post that said well Duke lost to Clemson. Hey it’s means it’s tough to win on the road. Like somehow Duke losing justifies KU losing to WVU. First there is a lot of stuff and things wrong with this approach. I’ll try to break this down?

    1. How good is Clemson and how good is WVU?

    2. Which team has a better home court advantage?

    3. Which team had the better players?

    4. You have to compare KU and Duke.

    5. Duke is in a rebounding year with another star studded lineup

    6 KU is not in a rebounding year, and is trying to win it with the basically the same team they had last year.

    1. How competitive was the game?

    2. It’s seems the Clemson/Duke game was pretty competitive? (I’m I wrong)

    3. The KU/WVU was not competitive. Sadly KU got man handled.

    You see you can go on for days. You see it’s not that KU loses that bothers most KU fans, it’s how we lose the strikes a cord.

    I’ll say one last thing. For you KU fans that think this latest KU loss to WVU is no big deal, you’re sorely mistaken. KU just didn’t lose, they got man handled. Not only that but this KU team has an Identity problem. Are they a run and gun, shoot threes, and midrange shots? or are they a pound and ground problem.

    This is not a players problem? This is a coaching problem.

  • I hope this year we can come together as a fan base and stay focused on the big prize… winning another National Championship!

    Our strength lies in our diversity, both in personalities and ideas.

    Let’s hash it out like we always do, but let’s show great respect for each other and everyone’s ideas.

    We only have to flip on the tube to experience nasty politics and a country battling with cohesiveness. Let’s be the aberration from that.

    Let’s become the example of TEAM SPIRIT! Let’s show our players and all fans across the world what BEING A TEAM is all about! That doesn’t mean we steer away from challenging dialogue… it just means we stick together as a team with the “going gets rough.”

    This is what we want from our players. How can we want that if we aren’t willing to set the example?

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