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  • So tonight I went to my first Rockets game in a couple of years and the quality of play is definitely far superior to the college game, but I’ll still take the college game all day every day because college games just have a much better atmosphere than NBA games. Music constantly playing while the ball is in play drives me insane and that with the overall atmosphere is why I don’t go to a bunch of NBA games despite having at least 41 opportunities a year to do so. When I do go, it’s usually because of someone on the other team. I’ve gotten to see LeBron, Kobe, Pierce, and MJ’s final game in Houston with the Wizards over the years.

    Tonight, Andrew Wiggins and Minnesota Timberwolves were in Houston so I went because I wanted to see how much Wiggins game has grown since he left KU. I’ll start with the two big holes he still has in his game and they were arguably his two biggest at KU as well. His handles are still subpar as he had his pocket picked on multiple occasions and he still has stone hands as he fumbled quite a few relatively easy passes to him. Those are the two issues that could potentially keep him from reaching top tier status in the NBA and keep him as a second tier guy.

    On to the positives now. He was the leading scorer in the game with 28 points on 9-16 shooting (2-3 from 3 and 8-9 from the FT line). He was also the primary defender on James Harden tonight, but spent some time on Trevor Ariza as well. Wiggins is well on his way to being an elite defender as Harden had 27 points, but it was on an 8-22 (2-10) shooting performance. Wiggins midrange game is developing quite nicely as that’s how he got a lot of his points, but he’s also able to get to the rim at will as well as the 9 FTA’s. Andrew Wiggins is already developing into a premier scorer and with improved handles, Wiggins could end up being a top 5 overall player in the NBA within the next 2-3 years.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 so which is it? A second tier guy or a top 5? I’ve never noticed his stone hands. He’s fun to watch.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He’s got top 5 potential, but if he doesn’t put in the work to improve his ball handling which impacts his ability to drive the lane, he’ll stay in that second level of star players. By second tier guys, I’m talking Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, John Wall, Klay Thompson, and guys like that. Still All-Star caliber players, but not guys who are considered the elite of the elite in the NBA like LeBron, Curry, or KD.

  • I think one of the biggest shadows following Wiggins still is consistency from game to game. Last week he played Cleveland and he was terrific against them even though the Cavs blew them out. He had 35 points and playing the team that traded him has always gotten him extra amped for the game. The game before the Cavs, he scored 11 points, one of his season lows. So its still the evolution of becoming an All-Star level player or getting to the top of the chain that is going to take time. Curry didn’t become what he is now early in his NBA career either. The issue is, Andrew is a laid back guy who shows little emotion on the court and the best players in this league are usually entertaining guys that have just as much personality as their game.

    And his supporting cast isn’t good enough to help mask some of Andrew’s weaknesses. He’s a poor 3pt shooter and for his size he’s hasn’t been a good rebounder either. His #'s in those area’s put him at the bottom of the league. Towns has been very good for a rookie and some of the games I’ve watched he and Andrew have run a 2 man game well, they seem to have developed a bit of chemistry from some of the games I’ve seen. Minnesota needs to surround these 2 guys with talent and shooting.

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    So do you think Wiggins is trying to make a move before he really has the ball? Kind of like WR’s in the NFL. Or does he have a serious problem?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    You hit on it, but I notice the box scores of all of our former Jayhawks, and while it’s encouraging to see Wiggins scoring, his rebounding and assist lines are woeful. He’s had one double double all year. Interestingly that game he had 10 boards and 6 assists, both season highs, and 32 points. But I don’t understand why he doesn’t put up big numbers in those other categories.

  • @wissoxfan83

    He’s still a work in progress, mind you a very talented one with an All-Star ceiling. A coach who can maximize his effort is a good place to start. We forget he’s got an interim coach after Flip passed away. We know the kid is a sponge and can learn to be better at everything he’s struggling with.

  • He’s only 20 right nowhere still hasn’t matured physically. Give him 4-5 more years and see how much stronger he will be.

    Plus that will help him protect the ball on his drives and rebounding strength.

  • Wiggins has been palying really well lately sad that the rest of his team can’t get it together to pull some W’s out.

  • @wissoxfan83 Wiggins is never going to be a big assists guy because he’s a finisher, not a facilitator. His rebounding is partly a product of his stone hands and struggling to corral the ball, he struggled with this at KU as well. It’s also partly because of his role on the T-Wolves. He’s the guy that leaks out on loose balls and missed shots so they don’t put him in a position to get many rebounds as well. He could probably be a 4-5 rpg guy if that was his role but it’s not.

    As for the team itself, it’s a really young team, but they have a solid nucleus that will make them a playoff team in a couple of years if they stay together. Wiggins has superstar potential, Rubio is becoming a pretty good PG now, Zach LaVine is good young player, and Karl Anthony-Towns looks like he’s going to be a good one. You also have Kevin Garnett and Tayshaun Prince who are good veteran presences to have. Garnett’s work ethic and intensity is a great thing to have for all tge young guys and Prince has won a championship and is a solid on court leader for these guys. This is a good young team with a couple of great mentors that has a bright future.

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