Rationalizing HEM's Positivity Forecast of a Ring

  • Cobbins out, means KU wins another title and gets a number one seed.

    McGrary out means a coach with Self’s number is out of contention.

    Needs for rest of season:

    Need MSU point guard to go out and ensure exit of the other coach with Self’s number.

    Steal Cal’s hair lube to ensure coach of only other team with sufficient talent to beat Self and KU does the disappear-o.


    Size the boys for rings.

  • Iowa State is still a significant impediment to “KU Title #10.”

    Even before the injuries and weedy infractions, OSU was not the only legitimate challenger. Based on ISU’s resume and the chip on their shoulder, I’d say they are as much a threat as OSU, if not more.

  • Cool, I need a new national championship t-shirt. My old cotton 08 one is nasty.

  • @bskeet Couldn’t agree more with you on ISU’s chip. Their fans have written about it on many blogs already blasting columnists who talk about Big 12 and have us as the #1 rank in conference. They are complaining they should be #1 because they are undefeated. And they still think they were robbed in both games last year. 🙂

    Home court advantage is going to mean a LOT for each of the top teams. We need to come away with a steal at one if not two of those venues = ISU and OSU. Baylor? Hopefully Naa and Perry will tell them about going to TCU! And how you don’t take any opponent for granted.

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