Nightmares b/4 WVU

  • • In an homage to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Self and Huggins agree to coach no threes and no transition. @HighEliteMajor scales Campenile and takes life.

    • Huggins and Self agree to switch JOBS for one game. Huggs wears the pin stripes and coaches KU. Self wears the leisure suit and coaches WVU. Self wins.

    • Olivia Wilde has a sex change and comes to Morgantown as Oliver Wilde. @jaybate 1.0 scales Campenile and takes life.

    • Virginia reabsorbs West Virginia, signaling the resumption of the US Civil War. Huggs and Tony Bennett merge rosters for the KU-WVU/VU game. KU and Union lose.

    • A better John Steuart Curry mural of John Brown appears on the ceiling of WVU Coliseum. @jaybate 1.0 scales Campenile and takes life.

    • Jay Rockefeller Tells Peabody Coal to excavate KU and move it to Morgantown, so the Mountaineers don’t have to cross time zones to play away. “I’m a Hill, Hill, Hill, Hillbilly” becomes KU fight song.

    • Huggins drives Self to a secret government lab to meet Dana Sculley in a bustier and instead Self is experimented on by aliens in black leisure suits seeking to learn how to win 82% of anything.

    • .600 Johnny Jones coaches both KU and WVU, ties, and gets a long stack at LSU.

    • Huggins and Self agree not to allow X-Axis Plays. @drgnslayr scales y-axis of Campenile and takes life.

    • The KU-WVU game is called on account of war.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0

    For security purposes, I vetted the word"campenile" and our experts in the lab reported on “campanile.”

    Does this relate to the new bell tower secretly being built beside AFH?

  • @drgnslayr “Campenile” - @jaybate-1.0 realizes he is guilty of obvious phallic overtones and takes keyboard.

  • @ParisHawk and @drgnslayr

    Shame, shame, shame on 'bate 1.0!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 That is effing funny as hell! Im actually watching X-files reruns right now!!

    Rofl @ Olivia Wilde has a sex change. 😆

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